Rabbit Rescues and Shelters in the Best of the Web Directory

Rabbit Rescues and Shelters

Alabama EARS

Includes the organization's background history, event updates, and contact information.

Bloink’s Blessed Bunnies

Focuses on breeding different types of rabbits as well as selling them. Includes links to other sites that also concentrate on breeding rabbits.

Buckeye House Rabbit Society

Consists of society history, stock listings for home relocations, and donation programs.

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter

Promotes the shelter for homeless rabbits, with events list, details on volunteer programs, and newsletters.

Bunny Buddies

Contains facts about the organization dedicated to the welfare of Houston-area rabbits. Provides adoption services and resources, health care issues, and volunteerism programs.

Bunny Luv

Specializes in the rescue of homeless rabbits for adoptions and home placements.

Bunny Magic

Non-profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of unwanted rabbits through adoption placements and shelters.

Cats and Rabbits and More

Promotes adoption of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals. Gives information on the rescue, care, and adoption of these creatures.

Colorado House Rabbit Society

Provides information on rabbit adoption, fostering programs, and bunny sitting.

Columbus House Rabbit Society

Informs on how to care for abandoned rabbits. Conducts searching of foster homes for the animals.

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

Refuge built for abandoned and abused rabbits. Includes details on basic care improvement and adoptions.

Heartland Rabbit Rescue

Shelter provided for the creatures in the state of Oklahoma. Involved in raising public awareness and support for the animal’s welfare.

House Rabbit Network

Contains references on adopting rabbit and health information. Showcases photos of animals that were taken from the organization.

House Rabbit Resource Network

Answers questions on how to care for rabbits. Provides a pairing service to match compatible bunnies.

House Rabbits Society

International non-profit shelter that offers rabbit rescue and adoption placement services.

Michigan Rabbit Rescue

Displays information on reasons, benefits, and guidelines in adopting rescued and unwanted bunnies.

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society

Details care guidelines in raising rabbits and provides information on the how to adopt rescued and abandoned pets in the region.

North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary

Showcases the sanctuary for helpless and unwanted rabbits. Contains event updates, news, and contact information.

Rabbit & Pocket Pet Adoptions

Contains guidelines on adoption and details rescue operations for hares in the region.

Rabbit Advocates

Shows an overview on the adoption procedure and contains articles about housing and feeding rabbits.

The Rabbit Habit

Presents images and shows updates on availability of hares that can be adopted. Includes articles on health care for the pets.

Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Shelter located in Downey, California. Provides adoption and rabbit rescue services.


Provides images and details the gender and age of available rabbits in the center.

Sacramento House Rabbit Society

Presents information on the availability and discusses the health and behavior of bunnies.

Save a Bunny

Contains guidelines in adopting bunnies and highlights an overview of the organization that finds homes for abandoned and unwanted pets.

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue Inc

Shows an overview on how to raise bunnies. Also displays the company's background and contact information.

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