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Alcohol Information for Kids and Teens

Alcohol - It Can Affect Your Life

Discusses what alcohol is, how it affects people, why kids and teens drink, too much alcohol, keeping safe, and alcohol facts.

Alcohol: the Basics

Offers simple facts about what alcohol is and what it does. Includes additional information and resources.

The Cool Spot

Site devoted to teens featuring resources to help them resist peer pressure and reality checks on teenage drinking.

Drinking: Facts for Teens

Discusses why to say no, problems caused by alcohol, affects on the body, knowing when there's a problem, and stopping.

I Think I May Have a Drinking/Drug Problem. What Should I Do?

Explains warning signs, recognizing a problem, and resources.

KidsHealth: Alcohol

Tells about getting the right message, what happens when people drink, alcoholism, and saying no.

Neuroscience for Kids: Alcohol and the Brain

Looks at what alcohol does in the body, effects of low and high doses, alcohol and driving, and statistics.

TeensHealth: Alcohol

Includes facts about alcohol, what it is, how it affects the body, why teens drink, how to avoid alcohol, and getting help.

Underage Drinking: Myths vs. Facts

Brochure from StopAlcoholAbuse tells about health risks, being cool, peer pressure, getting sober, and safe drinking.

WebMD: Teens and Alcohol

Furnishes information on alcohol, what it does, addiction, why people drink, binge drinking, reasons to not drink, and peer pressure.

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