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Personal Pages on Carnivorous Plants

  • Carnivorous Plants

    Learn some growing tips for carnivorous plants. See the plant photo gallery as well.

  • Hunting Veggies

    Site of Irmgard and Siegfried Hartmeyer. Features a DVD for sundrew herbs and other carnivorous plants enthusiasts.

  • Jerry's Carnivorous Plants

    Presents details and images on specific genera, grow list, related sites, societies, and forums.

  • Kamil P├ísek

    Descriptions of carnivorous plants, collections and links.

  • Mike's Carnivorous Plant Website

    Includes general information, galleries, and active, semi-active, and passive traps.

  • My Amateur Carnivorous Plants Site

    Offers overview, basic growing instructions, and details on venus fly traps, pitcher plants, sundew plants, and bladder-worts. Includes images.

  • My Carnivorous Garden

    Describes personal experience growing carnivorous plants, with chronology, resources, and images.

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