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Also known as Angel's Trumpets, brugmansias are flowering plants belonging to the family Solanaceae. They are native to the subtropical regions of South America as well as southeastern Brazil. The brugmansias are eudicots that grow into large shrubs or small trees with tan, slightly rough barks, usually reaching heights of three to eleven meters.

The moniker "Angel's Trumpet" is believed to be a reference to the brugmansia's large pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom into 14-50 cm long and 10-35 cm wide showy natural ornaments. With single or double varieties, the brugmansia flowers bear a delicate lemony scent and are usually white, yellow, pink, orange, or red in color. The leaves on the other hand are alternate, covered with fine hairs, and are generally big with sizes ranging from 10-30 cm long and 4-18 cm broad. All body parts contain poison in levels dangerous to humans and animals even capable of causing pupil diliation and/or anisocoria on contact.
  • Brugmansia (and Datura)

    Presents information about burgmansia, growing conditions, landscape habit and uses, propagation, species, and cultivars.

  • Brugmansia Growers International

    Group composed of international members dedicated to the propagation and enjoyment of brugmansias. Site features picture galleries, forums, and links to related sites and online resources.


    Online discussions for brugmansia enthusiasts with various articles, photos, and related links.

  • Daturas-to-go

    Offers Daturas to raise funds for charity making use of enthusiasts' interest or fascination with Daturas. Site includes various information about the brugmansia or angel's trumpets including guides for propagation and plant care.

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    Offers information on burgmansias including photos and descriptions of different cultivars.

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    Profile of the plant with a list of common names, description, and information on species and varieties, cultivation, and uses.

  • Garden Web: Brugmansia Forum

    A forum for the discussion of brugmansias and plants of the genus brugmansia, also known as angels' trumpets.

  • International Brugmansia Society

    Organization for growers, novice and experienced gardeners, enthusiasts, hybridizers, and researchers of Brugmansia, Datura, and Iochroma. Presents plant information, cultivar registry, and a resource directory.

  • San Marcos Growers: Brugmansia

    Offers information about the brugmansia family and cultivars.

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