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Colors are believed to affect moods and emotions and color therapy uses sensitivity to color to identify and correct imbalances in the body's internal energy patterns that might lead to unwanted emotional or physical manifestations. Color therapists believe each organ and body system has its own characteristic vibrational energy, and disorders can be healed by applying color of the corresponding vibrational energy, either to the whole body or to the organ concerned.

Resources in this category include holistic products for use in color therapy, practitioners, reference material and newsletters.
  • The Astrology of Colour

    Profiles the application of colors and its properties as well as astrological symbols represented.

  • Color Therapy Center

    Online store carrying chakra sets and color coded equilibrium products. Features Aura-Soma, a non-intrusive color therapy system. Know more about these products and find information about Chinese medicine as well.

  • Color Therapy Center

    Details on assorted energy medicines focusing on color symbolism and healing applications.

  • Color Therapy/Chromotherapy

    Archive of articles presenting various topics in color therapy and holistic healing.

  • Color: The Secret Influence

    Features products and researches of Dr. Kenneth Fehrman and his wife Cherie. Includes color facts and myths, color secrets and information about the book Color: The Secret Influence.

  • Color: The Secret Influence

    Collaboration of Dr. Kenneth Fehrman and Cherie Fehrman focusing in color consultations and interior designing as well.


    Gallery of assorted products specializing in holistic treatments utilizing color and light as alternative medicines.

  • Colour Conscious

    Newsletter and article archives discussing relevant topics on holistic healing with courses provided.

  • Colour Conscious

    Features the work of Dominic Yeoman, teacher and practitioner of Aura-Soma. Find information about this system and get details of courses and consultations offered.

  • Colour Energy

    Developer of products that tap into the power of colour and improve well-being-body, mind and soul. Also provides details of Colour Therapy Diploma programs. Products may be purchased online.

  • Colour Energy

    Specialist in supplying chakra light essences in various selection of colors. Includes description of product specialty.

  • Colour Therapy Healing

    Chronicles the methods of balancing and enhancing the body's energy centres/chakras by using the seven colours of the light spectrum. Sells color light filters, light boxes and posters online. Also features resources for practitioners and general information about color therapy and the body.

  • Environmental Architectural Services

    Design services specializing in architectural and green building structure with an environmental approach.

  • Healing with the Rainbow Rays

    Highlights various articles from different authors involved in color healing with private sessions conducted.

  • Institute for Chromotherapy

    Offers workshops on color therapy, targeting deep healing through the use of color, light and energy motion techniques. See workshop calendar and detailed information about the different types and aspect of color therapy. Also provides bios of practitioners/trainers.

  • Lightfield Systems

    Holistic therapies utilizing color and light ad well as vibrational medicine toolbox with background information on products.

  • Livign Your Color

    Offers color consultation services for image, relationships and more. Provides facts about colors. Call or e-mail to set appointment.

  • Living Your Colors

    Discusses the healing and personal development applications of colors with consultation services provided.

  • Lumia Therapy

    Carries light treatment apparatus. Includes directory of Lumia certified spas and therapists. Products are available for online shopping.

  • Rays of Color

    References for chromatherapy practice specializing in the treatment capabilities of colors and light.

  • The Skyscript: Astrology of Color

    Discusses comprehensively the nature, properties, applications and mystical healing abilities of colors to influence the character of a person.

  • Suza Scalora's Color Therapy

    Provides information about the role of colors when used in therapy. Includes meanings, meditations, color studies and thought feedback. Also features the art works of Suza Scalora, which is a combination of color therapy and artistic vision of color.

  • Swami Devageet - C. H. Newman

    Sessions conducted for healing and spiritual growth integrating counseling and therapies.

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