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Painters Portraits

  • Abby Creek Studios

    Displays images of dog paintings, oil and acrylic artworks.

  • Almost Home Studio

    Details of pricing, procedure and the artist with images of portraits, paintings, and prints.

  • Art Molokai

    Showcases images of nudes, portraits, landscapes and stills.

  • The Art of Jeremy Lampkin

    Self-taught painter of portraits, figures, gardens, and symbolic-occult art who paints in several styles including expressive, degenerate, and realistic.

  • Brush & Canvas

    Displays array of oil portrait drawings and paintings.

  • C.J. Meyers

    Photos of pastel and oil portraits, paintings and details about fees and events. With artist’s personal biography.

  • Carol’s Canvas

    Gallery of paintings, custom pet portraits, prints and products with artist’s personal profile and photos.

  • Draw My Face

    Offers art tutorials and ordering details with gallery of celebrities and non-celebrities paintings and caricatures.

  • Eaton, Belinda

    Brightly colored expressive portrait paintings by an artist based in Spain. Browse through exhibition reviews, interviews, and a biography on the painter.

  • Ed Van Der Kooy

    Presents curriculum vitae of the artist and images of artworks.

  • Galerie-Obrazy

    General information of painting services and images of products provided.

  • Gary Rodlitz’s Painting Gallery

    Selection of painting images with contact details of Gary Rodlitz.

  • Gleim, Lisa

    Contains artist’s personal details and collection of charcoal, pastel, oil, pet portraits and works for sale.

  • Goertz, Debra

    Gallery of oil paintings with artist’s resume and contact details.

  • Gottlieb, Adrian

    Gallery of paintings and portraits with details about the artist, and techniques and materials used.

  • Griggs Gallery

    Displays selection of oil portrait painting images.

  • Hansen, Patricia

    Gallery of still life and cityscape paintings and portraits with artist’s personal profile.

  • Heart of Jackson, Brian A

    Gallery of portraits, wildlife paintings and designs with artist’s personal profile.

  • Heath Trevor

    Compilation portraits and giclee prints of movie stars, musicians, singers, politicians and athletes.

  • Held, Matt

    Artist who uses photos from Facebook to paint portraits, and then sends a picture of the portrait to the user.

  • Heseltine, Michael

    Displays contemporary abstract oil paintings and works for sale.

  • Houston, Jaki

    Features artworks, e-cards, and works specializing in horses for sale.

  • Hudson, Constance S.

    Galleries of oil and pastel artworks with artist’s personal and contact details.

  • Irani, Mohsen

    Selection of figurative artworks and paintings from this Iranian artist.

  • The Jazz Masters Series

    Biography of the artist and gallery of jazz paintings, custom made prints, lithographs and sketches from live gigs.

  • John Silver Fine Arts

    Images of art products in canine, sporting, equestrian, figurative and fantasy.

  • Jonas, Johnny

    Gallery of paintings, commissions and portraits plus artist’s biography and exhibition list.

  • Kinstler, Everett Raymond

    Displays portraits and giclee prints with artist’s profile.

  • Knight, Veronica

    Artist’s personal information and images of fine art paintings presented.

  • Kollacks, Linda

    Images of sample portraits, paintings and items for sale. Includes details about upcoming events, fees and procedures.

  • Kordic, Stanka

    Painting images, contact information, pricing details and work procedure provided.

  • Krider, Jon J.

    General information of photo restoration and preservation services with product images.

  • Kuburger, Penelope

    Offers procedure for art commissions and purchases, artist’s personal details, and images of artworks.

  • Kunz, Justin

    Contains contact details, information about school and purchasing, and galleries of artworks.

  • La Follette, Yvette

    Portfolio of works, paintings for sale images and personal profile of the artist.

  • La Guire

    Gallery of portraits, landscapes, murals and medias with personal biography of the artist.

  • Life Likes Portraits

    Features dog, horse and cat oil paintings with personal biography of the artist.

  • Mattelson

    Artist’s statement and biography, with images of portraits by subject presented.

  • McCardel, Elaine

    Details of the artist, fees and procedure. With portrait painting images.

  • McCready, Benjamin

    Personal information about the artist, articles, Michigan football prints and portrait gallery presented.

  • Mednick, Annabel

    Images of paintings, portraits and children. With artist’s profile and curriculum vitae.

  • Meek, Valerie

    Details of portrait fees, art classes and the artist with artwork gallery.

  • Meyer, Richard

    Painting galleries by themes and personal information about the artist.

  • Nazaraite, Edita

    Information about the artist and gallery of pastel and oil portraits, murals, pets, new works and poetry.

  • Noble, Mary

    Selection of acrylic, oil, watercolor, color pencil and portrait paintings with artist’s personal information.

  • Oak Art

    Highlights artist’s personal statement and artwork images of Paul Oakley, Zoe Oakley and Mary Parsons.

  • Olsen, Mark

    Personal biography, information on videos and artwork gallery are being presented.

  • Perryman, Norman

    Artist’s biography and gallery of kinetic art performances and paintings on musical themes provided.

  • Peterson, Walter E.

    Biography of the artist and paintings of children, adult, pets, roosters and others provided.

  • Pogrebinsky, Alexander

    Artist’s biography, statement and photos presented with archives and portfolio of works.

  • Portrait Consultants

    Presents company’s profile, current commissions, and galleries of life size portraits.

  • Portrait Partners

    Selection of photos of official, family and residential portraits.

  • Portraits in Oils

    Gallery of portraits, paintings and cityscapes by Julie Kessler with artist’s personal profile.

  • Portraits Inc.

    Information about the fine art gallery specializing in oil paintings, pastel drawings and bronze sculptures.

  • The Quirk Museum

    General information about the museum and images of street art, paintings and photography.

  • Rachel Clark

    Offers life drawing classes, portrait commissions and original abstract fine art.

  • Roche

    Displays categories of artwork images, acquiring works and artist’s biography.

  • Ross, Colleen

    Presents paintings and prints with artist’s biography and contact details.

  • Rotondo

    Artist’s personal profile and galleries of recent and earlier works and portraits presented.

  • Ruhl, Linda

    Gallery of commissioned portraits, giclee and prints with biography of the artist.

  • Russell, Diane

    Paintings, giclee prints and portraits by artist Diane Russell.

  • Ryder, Susan

    Artist’s personal background and images of men, women, groups, children, interiors, exteriors and recent portraits are being displayed.

  • Saunders, Patrick

    Presents details of workshops and the artist with images of artworks.

  • The Saveloy Factory

    Gallery of paintings, drawings, etchings, and writings for sale with personal information of the artist.

  • Schindler, Marna

    Celebrate the family pet with whimsical and boldly colored pet portraits.

  • Searle, Dianne Whitney

    Cat Portraits presents watercolor paintings by Dianne Whitney Searle.

  • Seemel, Gwenn

    Contains personal biography of the artist, contact details, and various portrait images by category.

  • Shanti, Erica

    Details of gallery and pages of artworks with information.

  • Siobhan

    Collection of figurative lanterns, timed landscapes and traditional paintings.

  • Solie

    List of museums and galleries with artist’s biography and images of portraits, sculptures and commercial illustrations.

  • Spears, Dan

    Information about the artist and images of portraits, original paintings and copies of old masters.

  • Spoon Popkin

    Overview of the American institute for architects with artwork images.

  • Stalker, Geoff Portraits

    Displays images and details of portrait process and portfolio of works.

  • Stein, Linda

    Gallery of sculptures, paintings and essays with artist’s personal biography and press cuts.

  • Steinbrunner, JC

    Portfolio of recent paintings and personal information of JC Steinbrunner.

  • Studio Art

    Portraits and designs by Russian artists Alex and Natalia Kononov.

  • Surrency Studio

    Portrait portfolio, details of fees and terms with artist’s personal information.

  • Taffo, Joseph

    Gallery of drawing, paintings and illustration with artist’s personal and contact details.

  • Taylor, Michael

    Information about upcoming exhibitions, artist’s biography, portraiture and images of works.

  • Tennison, James E.

    List of clients and prices with artist’s personal and his gallery of artworks.

  • Thong, Sam

    Provides artist’s personal details and presents portraits and caricatures in pastel and charcoal.

  • Trevor Stubley

    Personal profile of the artist and images of academic portraits, landscapes and recent paintings.

  • Troemel, Jean Wagner

    Information of the artist’s educational background and awards with images of portraits and landscapes.

  • Tunedal

    Selection of artwork galleries, video and details of future events.

  • Tweehuysen, Rene

    Contains artist’s biography, techniques, exhibition details and images of works.

  • Vickery, Fiona

    Contains artwork gallery, contact details and personal information of the artist.

  • Wardle, Peter

    Information of the artist along with gallery of works and recent artworks.

  • Watkiss, John

    Artist blog includes portrait drawings, artists book, and gallery exhibition.

  • Wayne, B.J.

    Contains images of paintings, biography of the artist, news.

  • Whimsical Art of Veronique Perron

    Montreal artist creates whimsical creatures through her paintings and illustrations.

  • Wicker, Cyd

    Presents procedure details, artist’s personal information and images of portraits.

  • Williams, Zoe James

    Images of figures, portraits, landscapes, prints and cards are being displayed.

  • Wilson, Susan

    Contains images of artworks, list of exhibitions and artist’s personal background.

  • Wood, Juliet

    Selection of portraits of men, women, children and group by Juliet Wood.

  • Zamba, Larry

    Presents artwork and portrait images, calendar of events and contact details.

  • Zeitler, Gisele

    Displays architectural and animal portraits, and sculptures. Includes artist information and gallery.

  • Zoommen

    Presents artist’s biography, contact details, list of shows and portfolio of paintings and graphic design.

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