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Steven Quiles
Review source: Google Steven Quiles Tuesday, December 21st 2021
My wife and I have purchased artwork from them in the past, but this last purchase has me absolutely DISGUSTED with their service. As many others have posted, after 10 weeks and a lost package, I find out it was returned to their warehouse for damage and was being reframed. I filed a claim with FedEx and they won't pay because Park West won't release rights of claim. I called Park West and spoke to supervisor, Joanie, who straight LIED and said the package was returned because they failed to contact me, AFTER I had already confirmed the damage to the artwork by another Park West associate. I get FedEx packages all the time and know our drivers. They offered me a credit but I don't want anything to do with them at this point. I just want my refund so I can move on from this ordeal. I have ZERO confidence in their abilities or services. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. There are better places to get artwork!
Yolonda Collier
Review source: Google Yolonda Collier Sunday, December 19th 2021
Daughter excited to guess weight of a sculpture of a dog. I put in guess. Have to wait till next day hear winner. Found out you have to go to auction. Ok daughter is interested in art . She is 17. Sit though auction. They ask if we are interested in buying. No we are here to see if we won . Guess what we won. Ok when do we get dog. Oh no you make appointment and come back pick from 7 pieces of art. Daughter disappointed but still thrilled she guessed it. Come back they hand us a envelope with same computer printed picture they give everyone for free on cruise ships for coming to thier gallery. They knew we wasn't going to buy art. So they quickly dismissed us with no prize all snobby. I would never buy art from them . They have a ton of bad reviews. Sincerely Royal needs a new art gallery.
Brenda Linzel
Review source: Google Brenda Linzel Friday, December 17th 2021
I was not initially pleased with Park West. One of my art pieces was somehow not sent to me. But Kerri really took care of me and changed my attitude!
Len Jaster
Review source: Google Len Jaster Saturday, December 11th 2021
I have worked extensively with Park West Client Services Supervisor Zelle Nelson and have found her to be polite, professional, responsive, and easy to work with to resolve any issues, or handle any special instructions as it comes to shipping, framing, and making payments for any artwork acquired from Park West Gallery. Some of the artwork can be quite expensive and Zelle is sensitive to that and makes sure the pieces are handled accordingly and delivered in perfect condition. My sincere thanks goes out to Zelle for doing an extraordinary job.
Roshelle Taylor Jr
Review source: Google Roshelle Taylor Jr Tuesday, December 7th 2021
Park West gallery has a real nice portraits and the proprietor I met was real nice check it out sometimes
Review source: Google kaylaluv Wednesday, December 1st 2021
robert page
Review source: Google robert page Monday, November 22nd 2021
I have been collecting with park West for 20 years now and I am a VIP customer to them so they say. Purchased some art work on my cruise at the of September this year. I found a piece I thought was interesting and it was an edition of only 27 prints which was the selling point as it was limited. I also bought two more pieces by this artist to go along with it. When the limited piece arrived it was not what I bought. It was from an edition of 200 prints. I email customer service and the response was it was the same print just different series but worth the same and there was no difference. To me there is a difference as there was only supposed to be 27 and in their response she listed several editions they did so there is like 500 of these pieces just numbered differently. I called customer service and the agent said to give here a day and call back to give her time to see what she could do. i called back the next day at time specified and the agent said the warehouse had one of the limited edition that I had purchased, but first I had to send to one I received back. She said Fedex would be at my house Monday to pick it up. i skipped work so I could be home and Fedex never came. I tried calling the agent that was helping me but could never get her back on the phone as it would go to voice mail and she did not return my calls. I finally got another agent and they emailed me the shipping tags so I could go drop it off myself. I received the replacement last week and it is from an edition of 90 not 27. I called customer service back and the agent said to let him research the issue and he would contact me back and I have yet to hear anything. This was a total bait and switch. I also bought an original piece of artwork which arrived damaged and had to send it back also. At this point Park West is a true disappointment and they have lost this 20 year customer for good. I no longer trust a word they say or value of the artwork. To collectors out there buy you artwork directly from the artist so you know you getting what you pay for.
Toby Lynn
Review source: Google Toby Lynn Wednesday, November 17th 2021
I don't think I have ever posted a scathing negative review. I have a piece of artwork, purchased from Park West, approx 2004. The artist signature (Yaacov Agam) has completely faded, in addition to the edition #. I have some nice art in my home, I have never lost this information on one of them. I started calling Park West customer service on 11/1 and spoke with someone who asked me to send photos. I did that twice and rec'd no response. Called again 11/5, spoke with another CSR who waited while I sent again and confirmed rec'd. He was then going to forward my email and photos to the original person I spoke with, who would apparently be the one responsible to get back to me. Today is the 17th, and I called insisting to speak with CS manager. I won't say names because i might cancel out my review. She started by telling me they were not responsible for this, I had the artwork for too long already. I originally purchased while with my husband and it went into his name, which we had transferred into my name. This manager then proceeded to let me know it didn't start in my name, which made it even more not their responsibility. I now have a fairly expensive piece of artwork, worth nothing, and all this manager could do is let me know not their problem, and was filled with excuses. Now i wonder the validity of the piece that was purchased to begin with. I'll say to you Buyer Beware! Don't expect your fine purchases to be good for very long
Mary Kahl
Review source: Google Mary Kahl Saturday, November 13th 2021
Really a zero as it relates to customer service. I love the artwork AND if you need help with the poor shipping, forget it. If they could of pretended, even poorly, they cared after they had my money, I may feel diffierently. Buyers, beware that the way the tell oyu they pack the t and the way it arrives could be completly differnt.

I wanted to but the matching piece to the one ipurcahsed from them. I will go elswhere regardless of cost. Being treated as a valued customer is priceless and you will not find it at Parkwest.
Review source: Google HARRIET GLASMAN Friday, November 12th 2021
HARRIET GLASMAN opted not to leave a text review of Park West Gallery: Salvador Dali Collection
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Original Tomasz Rut paintings and giclees available. Also includes an artist biography and contact information.