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Painters Expressionism

  • Allen, Jere H.

    Information on artist biography, figurative and expressionistic paintings, and contact particulars.

  • Arcesio, Mauricio

    Showcases artist’s exhibits on paintings and drawings, plus limited edition prints.

  • Becker, Jarrod

    Image archives and upcoming show details by the fine artist, plus contact details.

  • Betancourt, Cecilia

    Details about figurative, landscape and still life oil paintings by the Mexican artist.

  • Biller, Les

    Gallery of still life, nudes, and cityscape paintings by Les Biller.

  • Borstein, Elena

    Profile of New York based artist with paintings on acrylic and pastel.

  • Brennan, Randy

    Features sculptures and mixed media paintings, photo journal, and installation details.

  • Brown, Richard

    Paintings and drawings of the Harlow artist with information about latest artworks.

  • Bushe, Robbie

    Artist that deals with narratives and figurative art with a selection of picture galleries, and featured writings.

  • Carl, Diane

    Presents biographical information about the artist with portfolio of acrylic paintings on canvas.

  • Cation, David

    Showcases portrait oil paintings and prints, plus information on writings and essays.

  • Chiacchella, Stefano

    Showcases gallery of stylized figurative and portrait paintings.

  • Comstock, Diana

    Features gallery of contemporary mixed media and acrylic paintings and prints with exhibition details.

  • Contrisciani, Pablo

    Non-representational and expressionist works by the contemporary artist presents information on artist biography, featured articles, and exhibitions.

  • Cummings, Janet

    Collection of expressionist paintings, artist information, and studio facts are provided in this page.

  • de Chazal, Malcolm

    Gallery of paintings with artist history.

  • De Vanter, Van

    Gallery of paintings by Van De Vanter presents information about artist’s statements.

  • Domondon, Frederico

    Singer and artist displays his works on oil and acrylic paintings.

  • Fontaine, Paul E

    Contains the life and works of abstract expressionist painter plus details about artwork exhibitions.

  • Fraser, Carol Hoorn (1930-1991)

    Presents watercolor and oil paintings by the Canadian artist with details about her and her works.

  • Fuller, Martin

    English artist with limited edition prints, and gallery of original figurative paintings and drawings.

  • Geiser, David

    Collection of paintings by contemporary artist plus information on upcoming shows and exhibits.

  • Giblin, Claire

    Abstract mixed media painter works on non-representational large format pieces.

  • Goldini, Claudio

    Artist and doctor of medicine present expressionist paintings, drawings, and mono prints.

  • Gribin, Liz

    Showcases paintings and hand-colored etchings with limited edition prints.

  • Grisant, Alice

    Showcases collection of recent watercolor and pencil artworks by Alice Grisant.

  • Hafftka, Michael

    Features paintings, etchings and drawings by the contemporary artist plus information about the artist.

  • Hall, Michael

    Presents selection of abstract expressionist paintings, latest works, and reproductions by artist Michael Hall.

  • Harris, Andrea

    Presents gallery of expressionist paintings about figures, portrait, nature, and still life.

  • Hartman, Ruth

    Displays series of paintings, drawings, and photographs by the visual artist.

  • Hilts, Molly Cliff

    Showcases paintings in wax, and oil by Molly Cliff-Hilts with details on encaustic technique, and upcoming projects.

  • Holloway, Matthew

    Features information about abstract, still life, portraits, and figures by Matthew Holloway.

  • Howson, Peter

    Collections of selected artworks, and past exhibitions, and artist’s information are presented in this page.

  • Jacobs, Rosalyn

    French artist showcases oil paintings about landscapes, cityscapes, still life and figures.

  • Jade, Ashley

    Collection of figurative artworks, plus information about artist’s statements and biography.

  • Juncosa, Nuria

    Covers oil, watercolor, and crayon artworks with details about the artist, featured movie and art animations.

  • Karis, Peter

    Displays collection of figurative oil paintings, and provides facts about the artist and his statements.

  • Kass, Joel

    Gallery of Joel Kass’ fines works on figurative oil paintings, with information on current and upcoming exhibits.

  • Kay, Julia L.

    Collection of murals, portraits, sculpture, photography, and digital art by Julia L. Kay.

  • Kebe

    Showcases gallery of expressionist, abstract, and surreal paintings, with limited print editions.

  • Kotiantz, Gevork

    Displays oil paintings in oil on canvas by Russian artist Gevork Kotiantz. Also presents details about artist biography, exhibitions, and photos.

  • Krstic, Jelena

    Provides a selection of figurative paintings and poetry, plus facts about upcoming events, artist statements, and curriculum vitae.

  • Lachman, Al

    Features drawings, paintings and thoughts by the contemporary, figurative, and expressionist artist.

  • Lamb, Matt

    Presents expressionistic oil paintings, plus information on museum exhibitions and shows.

  • Lane, Betty (1907-1996)

    Presents artist’s background information, with portraits and landscape art on watercolors and drawings by Betty Lane.

  • Lernout, Ward

    Artist biography, exhibitions, recent works, and contact information are presented.

  • Levine, Phil

    Specializes in oil portraits, figures, and cityscapes on canvas, also facts about the artist’s background, archives, and workshops.

  • Lisitsa, Lana

    Showcases series of expressive, surreal, and figurative paintings, plus featured still life and landscape works.

  • Lorville, Vidho

    Gallery of paintings by Haitian artist in strong expressionistic colors, plus information on artist’s profile, and contact details.

  • Mante, Anne-Tjerk

    Exhibits online paintings, drawings and graphics, with biography and exhibition detail are included.

  • McDonald, Brian

    Features portfolio of mixed-media paintings about contemporary culture by American artist.

  • McDonald, Kim

    Features gallery of selected island painting in oils, including artist information and contact details.

  • Michnia, Josef Jan

    Figurative painter that uses highly sensitive talents for observation and courageous use of forms and colors.

  • Mondoexpressionism

    Features unusual and provocative paintings by Elisa Vegliante, with current virtual exhibitions, archives, and weekly art sale.

  • Monet, Jason

    Features gallery of figurative and landscape oil paintings, with information about shows, and upcoming exhibitions.

  • Monsma, Cornelis

    Online gallery of paintings and prints by the expressionist artist. features Christian art work that aims to visualize the deeper truths of Christianity.

  • Moore, Kelly

    Self taught expressionist painter working in a primitive manner. Includes exhibition details, biographical information, and a newsletter by the artist.

  • Morrison, Keith

    Contains artist information, with featured gallery of original artworks, plus writings and reviews about the painter, printmaker, and writer.

  • Natasha

    Showcases expressionist oil paintings, with biography information, and guestbook entry.

  • Pang, Tseng Ying

    Dedicated site to Pang Tseng Ying, the artist who specializes in watercolor and oil paintings focusing on eastern and western styles.

  • Parker, Catherine

    Abstract paintings of landscape elements, with exhibition details, and featured images.

  • Parker, Temple Lee

    Presents collection of original figurative and abstract paintings arranged by titles and themes.

  • Pasternak, Robert

    Surreal artist showcases gallery of original paintings with information about the artist.

  • Percic, Bernard

    Presents abstract paintings, biography, and pet portrait page.

  • Pino, Lori

    Collection of abstract nude paintings by Lori Pino.

  • Piyatilake, Kevin

    Provides artist biography and statements, plus portfolio about artist’s paintings.

  • Pollard, Kim

    Biographical entry about the artist along with personal works and exhibitions provided.

  • Pratt, Jeffrey

    Features recent works, artist biography, and gallery archives.

  • Prinstet, Arnaud

    Presents virtual gallery of portraits and figural paintings.

  • Proctor, Susan

    Oils, acrylics, and expressionist paintings by Susan Proctor.

  • Ramasami, Sridhar

    Features gallery of paintings in oil on canvas by contemporary artist.

  • Redfern, June

    Displays gallery of oil on canvas paintings with exhibitions of his works in a private studio.

  • Reel, Erik

    Web page of contemporary visual artist showcases gallery of paintings works on paper and exhibits.

  • Reyes, Carmen

    Contains display of figurative acrylic paintings and paintings with curriculum vitae and schedule of upcoming exhibitions.

  • Robinson, Martyn

    Acrylic and watercolor paintings from canvas to video, and film by the artist and designer Martyn Robinson.

  • Shimon, Levkovich

    Collection of drawings and paintings in pastel, watercolor, carbon, and pencil.

  • Sierra, Dania

    Colorful oil paintings and drawings by the Cuban contemporary artist.

  • Sommer, Tana

    Summer art studio offers gallery of oil paintings, watercolor, vineyard etchings by Tana Sommer.

  • Srilankanart

    Gallery of Sri Lankan artist Rashini Naef contains information about the artist, and her upcoming schedule of events.

  • Stajno, Yana

    Gallery contains landscapes, figures, and still life drawings and paintings by the South African painter.

  • Stanislaw, Frenkiel

    Selection of figurative paintings on his gallery plus details about past exhibitions, writings, and artist profile.

  • Stermer, John

    Page features artist’s biographical entry, art gallery, and inquiries.

  • Stolpe, Daniel

    Presents expressionist and monotype paintings with information about the native images editions.

  • Tate, Caroline

    Landscapes and abstract art in watercolor and acrylics.

  • Tracy, Gay Swift

    Displays collection of paintings in oils, acrylics, collage and mixed media.

  • Tucker, William

    Web gallery containing artist’s profile, portfolio of works, and exhibition details.

  • Uzdilova, Bedriska

    Czech artist presents portraits, still life and figurative oil paintings.

  • Valentin, Chase

    Contains portfolio of figurative paintings, details about recent works, and virtual archive.

  • Van Dyke, Sherard

    Exhibits selection of jazz-influenced paintings and digital images, plus collection of limited editions.

  • Veliz, Carla

    Expressive figurative and abstract works that was drawn from life experience, capturing people, places and emotions.

  • Voss, Ernst

    Provides painting and drawing archives of figurative paintings with information about sales and expositions.

  • Wattson, Kate

    Contemporary colorist painter showcases still life, portraits and cityscapes for sale.

  • Weeks, Richard

    Gallery of egg tempera, watercolor, oils, and acrylic paintings by Oregon artist Richard Weeks.

  • Wennerstrom, Daga

    Bold and expressive paintings that presents landscapes, portraits, still life, and interiors.

  • Wiesl

    Art gallery of symbolism, abstract and surreal expressionist art.

  • Wittmer, Katja

    German artist featuring expressionistic figurative works, landscapes and abstracts.

  • Yaskil, Amos

    Artist presents his contemporary Mediterranean landscape paintings, featured photos, biography, and sold artworks.

  • Youngquist, Kathleen

    Gallery of Kathleen Youngquist’s oil on canvas paintings about life, landscapes, theater, and dance.

  • Zolli, Justyn

    Collection of abstract expressionistic images, with artist portfolio details, and personal biography.

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