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Andrew, Simon

Contains profile information, works and publicity facts.

Andrew, Simon

Presents artist’s profile and images of artwork creations.

Bassa, Carme

Features exhibitions, artist profile, and work information.

Blossom, Michael

Personal page of Michael Blossom contains his profile, work facts, story board information, and gallery of art.

Bossom, Michael

Displays collections of images of encaustic artworks by Michael Bossom.

Enslev, Torrez Carolyn

Compilation of oil, watercolor, and encaustic paintings and sculptures are being displayed. Resume and contact details included.

Ensley, Carolyn T.

Contains Carolyn’s biography along with her gallery of artworks.

Gilbert Ryan, Debora

Gallery of art painting collections by Gilbert Ryan Debora.

Gregg, Gail

Painting details, and artist profile provided.

Gregg, Gail

Collection of painting, collage, photography, and writings by Gail Gregg.

Roche, Barbara

Offers gallery of paintings, drawings, and collages with artist’s biography.

Roche, Barbara

Page contains artist biography, painting information, and contact details.

Yntema, Janise

Gallery of encaustic paintings with the artist’s statement.

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