Adding solar panels to the roof can reduce your energy costs, increase your home value, and reduce your reliance on an overworked electric grid. Professional solar companies have the ability and training to help you select the right system for your home and install it.

To find a solar company near you, check Best of the Web. We’ll provide a list of trusted professionals in your area. By coming here, you’ll know the companies you find have been verified and can do the work you require. They’ll add new solar panels, repair your existing panels, or even add electric vehicle chargers to your home, doing all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Philadelphia Solar Panels

Solar energy is an excellent renewable resource, which is becoming increasingly popular among the average consumer. With the sharp rise in energy prices and the cessation of average, if not declining, incomes, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their living costs in each region.

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Philadelphia Solar Panels

Solar energy is an excellent renewable resource, which is becoming increasingly popular among the average consumer. With the sharp rise in energy prices and the cessation of average, if not declining, incomes, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their living costs in each region.

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Solar energy companies offer many services beyond installing solar panels. Here are some of the most common services they provide:

  • Solar panel installation: A solar company can help you select the correct size of solar power system, discuss the required permits and regulations, and handle the installation of your solar panels for you. 
  • Solar panel repair: Professional solar companies can determine whether your panels have fractures, damaged modules, voltage fluctuations, or loose wiring. They get any problems repaired so your system can be functioning at its best as soon as possible.
  • Solar panel Maintenance: Solar panels require regular maintenance. A professional can clean your panels for efficient operation, inspect the system for damage, and test the panels to make sure they are operating at full potential. 
  • Solar power monitoring system installation: Solar professionals will install equipment to monitor your system’s energy production, provide detailed information about errors, and let you know the best time of day to use energy to save money. 
  • Solar panel leasing: Some solar companies not only sell and install solar panels, they lease them. This allows you to make use of solar equipment without the upfront costs of buying.
  • Whole-home battery backup installation: Many solar companies also install battery backup systems. These systems provide peace of mind during power outages. They’ll keep your refrigerators running, your lights on, and your air conditioner cooling so you won’t have to wait for utility workers to repair things when the grid goes down.
  • Electric vehicle charger installation: Some solar companies also install electric vehicle chargers. They’ll get your charger set up and running for you so you can charge your electric car safely and cheaply at home.

Cost Guide


The cost for solar panel installation, EV charger installation, or solar maintenance may vary. Some of the main reasons for the variation are your location, the capacity of your solar system, the efficiency of the system, and the difficulty of the installation. 


Here are averages you can expect for some common services:


Solar Panel Installation

  • Range: $12,104-23,567
  • National average: $15,927

Solar Panel Repair

  • Range: $203-1,211
  • National average: $497

Solar Panel Annual Maintenance

  • Range: $219-1,008
  • National average: $525

Whole-Home Battery Backup

  • Range: $7,111-15,444
  • National average: $11,283

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

  • Range: $1,313-3,256
  • National average: $2,156

Tips For Hiring A Solar Company


Follow the tips below to find the best solar company for your project.


Check Their Reputation And Reviews On Best Of The Web


One of the best tips we can give you for finding a solar company is to check their reviews and reputation here, on Best of the Web. We provide a pre-sorted list of professional solar companies near you. You’ll find their hours, contact information, and services. By finding a solar company here, you know they have been verified and can be trusted with your solar project.


Ask About A Warranty


Most solar panel manufacturers offer at least a 10-year warranty on their equipment, with some offering as much as 25 years. If your solar company is using panels with no warranty or a very short warranty, they probably aren’t using high quality panels. Don’t settle for inferior equipment. Avoid these solar companies.


Get Several Estimates


Get at least three estimates before you select a company to install your solar panels or EV charger. Make sure their estimate covers your entire project and includes everything you’ve discussed. Ask about factors that may lead to the costs exceeding the estimate. If any company provides an estimate substantially less than the others, be skeptical. Find out why they are so much lower, and be sure they are capable and prepared to handle the work before you hire them. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How long do solar panels last?


Most solar panels can last up to 25 years or more. In fact, some of the better quality panels come with a warranty this long. While most panels lose a certain amount of efficiently over time, they can work at 90% or more of their original capacity at the 25 year point. 


How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves?


Over time, the amount of money you save on your energy bills will cover the cost of installing solar panels. This can range from about 5-15 years. After that point, your only cost for all the energy they produce is the periodic maintenance and any repairs they require.


Can I install solar panels myself?


If you’re handy with tools, you may be able to install the solar panels yourself. A rooftop installation requires you to spend several hours on the roof installing bolts and screws. You’ll also need to hire an electrician to make the final connection to your home’s electrical system.


There are many reasons to hire a professional, though. They not only install your system, they design the proper system for your home, help figure out any rebates you may be eligible for, and often take care of the necessary permits for the installation. A solar company also double checks all their work to make sure the system is functioning to its full potential. 

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