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Frequently asked questions

What is review & reputation management software?

Reputation management software allows you to request, view, and manage reviews from a single dashboard. It makes it simple for you to improve your online reputation.

What should I do with the reviews?

Take your positive reviews and show them off as part of your marketing material. Send them out in emails or blast them on your social media feeds. You want potential customers to know that people are satisfied with your business.

How can I get reviews with Best of the Web?

Best of the Web offers different tools so you can quickly ask your customers for their opinions. You can send your customers a direct link or a button so they can share their thoughts.

How can I install the tools on my website?

Best of the Web designed widgets that are simple to install if you follow our directions. If you have any trouble we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Note: Some widgets may only be available to our premium memberships and not Jumpstarts.

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