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  Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Human Powered Vehicles  > Recumbent 
  • Recumbent Bicycles - Provides information about recumbent bicycles, bents, trikes, and other human powered vehicles. Also features information about the inventor of recumbent bicycles.
  • Recumbent Bicycle Source - Online guide provides resources for buyers and sellers such as bike plans, featured trikes and more.
  • - Features recumbent bike functions, accessories and tours.
  • Ryan Owners Club - Presents information for owners of recumbent bicycles built or designed by Ryan Recumbent Cycles. Also features the Vanguard and Duplex vehicles.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Human Powered Vehicles  > Watercraft 
  • Human Powered Submarine - University of Washington, features information on HPS and provides latest updates. Also, features school syllabus, history and human powered submarine programs.
  • Mike’s Boating Page - Personal home page for Michael and Kate Lampi. Provides various links on bicycling, boating, camping sites and a lot more sites.
  • Human Powered Boats - Refers to rowboats, paddleboats, canoes, kayaks, or even rowing shells. Focuses on unique and innovative designs involving lightweight and streamlined hulls, pedals, gears.
  • International Submarine Races - International race information on contestants, submarine designs and sponsors. Also provides links and other resources.
  • Nomadic Research Labs - Features canoe-scale amphibian either pedal, solar or sail micro trimaran. Also, features microship adventure, bike adventure, technomands and sponsors.
  • World of Waterbiking - Private enthusiast discusses waterbike sports and features teams and boats, sponsors and various designs.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Indoor 
  • Artistic Cycling - Discover the new sport of artistic cycling. Features information on bike parts and the right gear for players.
  • Spinning Information - Details on spinning sport, includes spinning shoes, indoor cycling and also offers spin class. Also features spinning stuff, forum and newsletter as well.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking 
  • MTB Chicks - Features the women in pro mountain biking world! Offers cycling clinics and apparels, and pro journals, also provide advices on gears and women issues.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Downhill 
  • Better Ride - Offers professional biking coaching, training programs and lessons for interested riders both newbie and experienced.
  • Brian Lopes - Get to know more about Brian Lopes through his online journal, bio and more personal stuffs.
  • Bush Pilot Biking - Provides a massive territory full of the best trails, from the coastal rainforests-to the sub-desert plateaus of the Chilcoltin and up the high alpine Coast Mountains to provide stunning challenges for all riders.
  • Dirt Magazine - Features information on the latest issue on the mountain biking world. Allows online shopping.
  • UK Dirt - Presents a UK based mountain biking society. Brings all the latest news from the dirtjump - downhill and 4cross, lots of pics and video clips, desktop backgrounds, forum, gallery and more.
  • Gravity-Slaves - Provides the latest race reports, rider rankings, workshop.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Events 
  • Prairie City Race Series - Join and be part of Mountain bike racing and riding in Sacramento and Northern California, open for all ages.
  • Sea Otter Classic - Brings the international bike racing, provides online registration and offers lodge camping and merchandising. Includes village activities to watch, schedules and result reports.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > FAQs, Help, and Tutorials 
  • Chain-Suck in a Nutshell - Contains information on causes and mechanisms, and provides remedies on how to avoid and prevent it.
  • Mountain Biking FAQ - Presents an extensive FAQ compilation by members to provide assistances to bikers.
  • Mountain Bike Instructions - Offers a fun-filled mountain bike courses for all ages. Also features information on the instructors, press reviews, accommodations and also photo gallery.
  • Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others - Presents a small, service oriented bike shop, serving the Western suburbs of Boston. Contains useful articles on bicycling and bicycles, plus links to other bicycle-related sites on the Internet.
  • Singlespeed Conversions - Displays information and techniques on how to speed-up a bicycle.
  • The Cycle Shed - Presents a bike gallery that features wheel building, single speed, and t-shirt printing based in UK.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Image Galleries 
  • Chris Markie Bikes - Information on mountain bikes, Marin, BMX, motorcross, Suzuki RM’s, photos, and videos.
  • MTB Madness - Features information on the mountain bike culture and lifestyle from cross country to freeride, downhill, and trails pics, video, news, interviews and more.
  • Mountain Bike Zone - Contains viewer submitted mountain bike photos plus, loads of mountain bike videos, reviews, schedules, results, profiles, and hall of pain.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > News and Media 
  • Mountain Bike Reviews - Presents product reviews, ratings and classifieds for all things kinds of mountain bikes, also provide news and tips.
  • Bike Addict - Tackles everything about mountain biking, downhill riding, freeride, cross-country, MBX… Provides pictures, video, reviews, articles, games and forums as well.
  • Cars R Coffins - Promotes Singlespeed Mountain biking also focuses on punk rock and more.
  • Dirt Rag Magazine - Brings an online mountain biking lifestyle magazine. This features original art, passionate stories, investigative articles, product reviews, comics, music and book.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > News and Media  > Magazines 
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Personal Pages 
  • Diary of a Mountain Biker - Shares about a biker’s experiences while having his singletrack routes and riding tours in the South of England.
  • R2W Trails - Features information on latest MTB actions news, plus tons of pictures.
  • ShitShifter - Brings a collection of articles about bike riding, also contains cycling techniques, and humorous photos.
  • Two Ride - Tackles stories on freeride mountain bike and snowboard adventures.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Trail Information 
  • Bike Rag - Provides trail reviews including top trial maps, pictures and directions… Also, provides a comprehensive mountain bike forum, classifieds and ride recaps.
  • Fells Biker - Caters to mountain biking, hiking, running and even horse back riding enthusiasts. Feature event calendar to follow, maps, postcards as well as news archive and local stuffs.
  • MTB in Western North Carolin - Presents an online resource for mountain biking in the area including trail information and descriptions, suggested rides, bike shops and general area information.
  • Redding Mountain Biking, Inc. - Features information about a social who enjoys outdoor activities. Includes pictures taken on tour are posted on the site.
  • Ridem Monkey - Presents a mountain bikers online community. Features various mountain biking related discussions.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Trials 
  • Bike Trails - Features product reviews, trail talks and videos on the competition, and provides set-up tips and riders info.
  • Trials-Forum - Listen and heard in the field of MBT using the online forum. Gallery, calendar, online.
  • Alwaysmad - Site offers content related to free ride, extreme ride, urban street, trials, and style mountain biking, and also videos, forum, and product reviews.
  • Hans Rey - Information on Hans Rey, his past adventures, calendar, photos and lessons learned.
  • Trials Online - Promotes bike trials and extreme bike riding by providing informational resource including trial techniques, trial bikes, and trials-online chat.
  • Kevin Brody - Features a mountain bike trial rider, includes journal, news, schedule and multimedia resources.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > Trials Wheelchair 
  • Mountain Biking - Talks about mountain bike riding in a thunders storm and other stunts stories.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Mountain Biking  > XC Racing 
  • Arkansas Mountain Bike Champion Series - Provides online registration and results plus calendar of events and more.
  • Black Sheep Cycling Club - Displays information about XC news, Road News, DH News as well as Squadron news.
  • Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival - Feature information on rider registration and routes.
  • Chicago Racing - Feature information on racing events, news and results in Chicago area. Provides gallery, FAQ and more.
  • Eastern Fat Tire Association - Mountain Biking in New England. Promotes mountain bike races, trail access and fun rides.
  • Numplumz - Features information on team Plumz, race reports, news on rides and events, forum and more.
  • Red Trail Racing - Promotion company specializes in extreme sports. Offers a wide range of cycling options- trail to trail, sea cow classic and 6 hours of carter road.
  • Tour De Tykes - Features information on biking tour events, fun racing activities, race history, race results and photos.
  • Tour d’ Afrique - Provides a bike race across Africa for hundred days. Also provides information racing equipment, route, online registration, rider profiles and a lot more.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Polo 
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Racing 
  • back On Track Productions - Promotes urban cyclo-cross, also provides latest news, casting, archive photo.
  • Cycle Base - Provide online database on MTB and Cyclocross news and results around the glode.
  • Cycling Australia - Updated cycling events in Australia, also provide information on membership, masters and calendars.
  • Cycling Links - Provides resources on major cycling races for men and women, U23, and juniors.
  • BikeReg - Offers online event registration for sporting events specializing in bicycle races: off-road races, road races, cyclo-cross, and as well as recreational rides.
  • Cycling Fan - Displays an extensive collection of racing links also provide information on pools, forum and gallery.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Racing  > Cyclists 
  • Andrue, Frankie - Features information about the popular American cyclist. Also tackles Toyota-United Pro Cycling team, P.R.O. Series.
  • Di Luca, Danilo - Features the Italian road racer, includes downloadable video clips and photo gallery.
  • Hamilton, Tyler - Presents the journal articles and achievements of Tyler Hamilton, also includes guestbook, racing links and archives.
  • LeMond, Greg - Features information about LeMond’s career, fitness, cycles, photos and a lot more.
  • Cipollini, Mario - Features about the “Lion King” in the world of bike racing, provides news, calendar of activities, album and fun club information.
  • Robbie, McEwen - Offers information on the rider’s biography, along with an extensive collection of photos and provides updated personal diary. News, archives, profiles, cycling programs, downloads.
  • Pantani, Marco - Site includes news, schedule, links, merchandise, and contacts.
  • Rodriguez, Freddie - Features the three time world champion cyclist, includes biography, racing schedule and results, multimedia, news, guestbook, sports apparel and more.
  • Sauser, Christopher - Presents a professional mountain biker, including personal data, photo gallery, newsletter, postcards, shop, news and diary.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Single Speed 
  • Single Speed Outlaw - Online magazine focusing on single speed cycling. Includes photos, blogs, features, events information, and suggested links.

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