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  • Sally Temple - Developmental neuroscientist from the New York Neural Stem Cell Institute. Site presents a video of Temple discussing her work.
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  • The Neuroscientist - Publishes reviews at the intersection of basic and clinical neurosciences as well as updates on advances emerging in the neurosciences and related disciplines.
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  • The Neurosciences Institute - Independent scientific research organization created in 1981 to further the knowledge of the biological bases of brain function.
  • Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience - Group of theorists seeking to develop mathematical and computational models of the underlying neurobiological mechanisms involved in perception, cognition, learning, and motor function.
  • New Jersey Neuroscience Institute - Provider of extensive research, education, and clinical care programs in the neurosciences. Site presents information on institute personnel, press releases, publications, and an informational video.

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