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  • Alaskan Essences - Designed a system of vibrational healing based on the co-creative relationship among plants, minerals and kingdoms. Offers flower essences, gem elixers and other environmental elixers. Access research articles and find available products and services.
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  • Dr. Edward Bach Center - Provides information about flower remedies not only for people but also for animals. Includes facts about making mother tinctures. FAQ section is also provided.
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  • Aromatic Kinesiology - Combines aromatherapy, kinesiology, and other disciplines. Includes workshops, tours and retreats, calendar, background, gallery, articles, and contact.
  • Cura Aromatica - Discusses benefits, aromatherapy, essential oils, mixtures, services and case studies. Also provides information about the author. (German and English).
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  • Planet Chiropractic - Features articles, newsletters, and audio and video resources for Chiropractors. Includes schools, seminars, and directory.
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  • Yuhas Chiropractic Health Center - Offers chiropractic services to adults and children. Read details of said services and testimonials. Includes fees and insurance information.
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  • Cox Technic - Features directory of certified physicians of the Cox technic. Contains research documents, case reports and research documents and equipment used for the practice.
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  • Suza Scalora's Color Therapy - Provides information about the role of colors when used in therapy. Includes meanings, meditations, color studies and thought feedback. Also features the art works of Suza Scalora, which is a combination of color therapy and artistic vision of color.
  • Colour Energy - Developer of products that tap into the power of colour and improve well-being-body, mind and soul. Also provides details of Colour Therapy Diploma programs. Products may be purchased online.
  • Color: The Secret Influence - Features products and researches of Dr. Kenneth Fehrman and his wife Cherie. Includes color facts and myths, color secrets and information about the book Color: The Secret Influence.
  • Color Therapy Center - Online store carrying chakra sets and color coded equilibrium products. Features Aura-Soma, a non-intrusive color therapy system. Know more about these products and find information about Chinese medicine as well.
  • Institute for Chromotherapy - Offers workshops on color therapy, targeting deep healing through the use of color, light and energy motion techniques. See workshop calendar and detailed information about the different types and aspect of color therapy. Also provides bios of practitioners/trainers.
  • Livign Your Color - Offers color consultation services for image, relationships and more. Provides facts about colors. Call or e-mail to set appointment.
  • Lumia Therapy - Carries light treatment apparatus. Includes directory of Lumia certified spas and therapists. Products are available for online shopping.
  • Colour Conscious - Features the work of Dominic Yeoman, teacher and practitioner of Aura-Soma. Find information about this system and get details of courses and consultations offered.
  • Colour Therapy Healing - Chronicles the methods of balancing and enhancing the body's energy centres/chakras by using the seven colours of the light spectrum. Sells color light filters, light boxes and posters online. Also features resources for practitioners and general information about color therapy and the body.
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  • Hypnosis For You: Trance Dance - Provides information about trance dance, a type of hypnosis. Also includes tutorials about basic self-hypnosis. Carries cds/dvds that are for sale online.
  • Hypnosis Online - Features a collection of articles, media files and information about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, hypnosis training and related products and services for clients and practitioners. Includes directory of hypnosis sites, database and blogs.
  • Mindworks - Provides a wide selection of discussion about metaphysical topics. Fun resources, programs and hypnosis software are available for free. Books and related products are also for sale.
  • Hypnotic Wishes - Offers online and phone hypnosis and NLP for therapy and spirituality purposes. Features a learning section and information about the Montreal-based practitioner.
  • Tranceformation Works - Provides information about Drs. Steven Gurgevich and Weil, noted psychologists who have used hypnosis to assist their patients. Features articles about self-hypnosis. Includes FAQs. Tapes and CDs may be ordered online.
  • Hypnotherapy Services - Serves as a tool for individuals to make an informed decision about using hypnosis to achieve their desired outcome. Features information about fears and phobia, corporate and self hypnosis and other relevant facts. Also carries an online store.
  • LifeFirst - Informative online hypnotherapy and hypnosis website covering all areas of hypnosis for knowledge, training and personal growth. Learn more about sleep and dream hypnosis, hypnosis and childbirth center. Get details of online certification courses.
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  • Hypnos Media - Makes available the skills of the world's best hypnotists by providing hypnosis sessions that can be used at home. Features free downloads of hypnosis and subliminal projections software. Hypnosis training course dvds are available for online purchase.
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  • EyeRonec - Carries Iriscope, a digital iris equipment for naturapaths and iridologists. Learn more about this product and find some basic information about iridology. Provides online brochure of iridology products.
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  • Avalon Pomeranians - Provides information about using aromatherapy in dogs specifically among Avalon Pomeranians. Includes formulation for insect and soothing sprays.
  • Pets 4 Life - Features copyright articles about the benefits of aromatherapy on pets. E-mail site coordinator to re-print any material.
  • The Lavender Cat - Contains what cat owners should know about essential oil safety. Provides case studies and comments from visitors. Also includes excerpts of reports regarding the hazards of tea tree oils when applied to cats.
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  • Four Winds Holistic Animal Services - Provides natural treatments to animals such as chiropractic, homeopathy and acupuncture. Know more about other services. Provides equine care tips and animal wellness facts.
  • McTimoney College of Chiropractic - Offers post-graduate course in chiropractic for animals, the only University in Europe given such validation. Know more about the college's course offerings. Application form is downloadable.
  • Dr. Schoen Integrative Holistic Animal Health Care - Certified animal chiropractic practitioner. Provides information about therapies/services offered. Contact details provided for appointments.
  • American Veterinary Chiropractic Association - Provides information about the organization. Presents practice standards, membership information and other relevant facts. Also includes scholarship details and educational standards.
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