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Ocala Dental Care
2415 SW 27th Ave
Ocala, FL 34471 US

About Ocala Dental Care

If you are in need of an Ocala dentist, the smart choice is to call Ocala Dental Care. The staff at our dental practice is dedicated to giving every one of our patients the highest quality care in the most comfortable and relaxed setting. We offer a comprehensive list of general and cosmetic dental care treatments, all geared toward giving you the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible. Call us today for more information. At Ocala Dental Care, we understand the needs of patients in Ocala and surrounding areas; weve been serving patients in this area for over 30 years. Our priorities are customer comfort and satisfaction, and we always do business on a strict standard of excellence. When you come in for dental treatment, you know right away that youre in good hands. We do everything that we can to make you feel comfortable and welcomed, and when you are undergoing treatment, we continue helping you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We provide general and cosmetic dental services, and often these services overlap! Our dentists make it a point to stay current on all of the latest dental treatment methods, and we use only state-of-the-art equipment, so that you can rest assured youre getting only the highest quality care. Our goal is to give you a healthy and beautiful smile so that you can feel confident showing it to the world. We provide the best in general dental care, including cleanings, x-rays, cavity fillings, and dental surgeries when needed. In the cosmetic area, we offer such things as teeth whitening, teeth straightening, dental implants, and veneers.

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Welcome to Ocala Dental Care, a restorative dentist office dedicated to offering exceptional care in a friendly setting. Based in Ocala, FL, our dental practice offers comprehensive restorative and general dentistry services to patients, including basic dental hygiene and cleaning to extensive root canal and endodontics, dental implants, dentures, crowns, full mouth reconstruction, and more.

We offer metal-free prosthetics made with advanced materials in our on-site lab both to restore functionality and complete your smile. We have experienced master dentists on staff: dental implants specialists Dr. Manual DeLeon and Dr. Hussein Salifu. With expert dentists on staff, we can prioritize patient service, paying special attention to your comfort. We also understand the financial elements that the patients have to decide upon and offer flexible payment plans to help our customers receive the quality dentistry they need.

We are a member of the FDA and Central Florida District Dental Association and have been serving patients for more than 30 years. Some of our most popular services include same-day dentistry services, traditional and implant-retained dentures, denture repair, and affordable dental implants treatments.

Ocala Dental Care Reviews
  • Drea K
    Drea K

    They do NOT take pride in their work nor do they care about their patrons. They started a FRONT TOOTH implant, installed the post incorrectly, REFUSED to do anything else for their PAYING customer & will not even send records so they have another dentist fix/complete the process. Several dentists have said it was done incorrectly and needs to be completely redone. This would be a lot easier if they would at least send the medical records but are refusing to do so. Well over 2K paid & the rest of the cost was put on the patrons credit for a hole the front of their mouth! This was started in 2019!! It is WRONG. Unless you have a good lawyer don't use this dentist.

    Review source: Google
  • rick linton
    rick linton

    Service was excellent.they got me a same day appointment and didn’t hurt at all

    Review source: Google
  • MD Marion
    MD Marion

    I call ahead and ask what is the fee for fixing a chipped tooth, and she replied $95.00. I get there, they tell me to pre-pay, then they inform me that their "consultation" is $95.00, and the tooth repair was $430.00. Bait and switch Beware

    Review source: Google
  • NADIYA Keshwani
    NADIYA Keshwani

    If I can give zero star I would give that one of the worst dental place in ocala

    Review source: Google
  • Victoria Rogers
    Victoria Rogers

    My husband went in yesterday because he has pieces of broken teeth in his mouth. I called and made the appointment for him. I told them he was looking to eithier get some meds for it and schedule a extraction or take the tooth out. The doctor was in the room for a very short period of time and the reception staff acted like they hated their jobs. After the doctor seen him a lady came in shoving a paper worth of $14,000 of work that my husband needed. To fix the problem causing pain it would of been almost $3200. The women kept trying to get him to sign a paper holding him responsible for the estimate they gave him. She even sat outside the door waiting for him to sign it. They did a cleaning and when he came home yesterday I noticed a chip in the front of his tooth. Which means during his cleaning they chipped or damaged his tooth and didn't say anything. This place is money hungry and the staff act like they hate there jobs. Definitely need some classes in customer service. Very unprofessional and now we are needing to go somewhere else to get the chip fixed. Do not trust this place to go back.

    Review source: Google
  • Christina Garcia
    Christina Garcia

    DISHONEST AND UNCARING - I DO NOT RECCOMEND! On 11/3/22 I went to see Ocala Dental because I was having issues with a tooth abscess and needed antibiotics. I also wanted to obtain a treatment plan for some major work I knew I needed to restore my teeth. Ocala Dental gave me a treatment plan that was very pricy and tried to pressure me to finance the treatment. I decided to go back to my original dentist and have them compare their prices with the prices that I was quoted on my treatment plan. There was a major difference of anywhere from to $250-to well over $750 (for one crown alone). With all the work that I need to have done, the difference is in the thousands. A significant difference. Ocala Dental stated that they gave me a discount, but they first raised the prices astronomically and then made it appear that they were giving me a huge discount. This was not so, and it was the first lie I discovered. So, after taking my care plan to my previous dentist, on 11/3/22, I requested that the x-rays that Ocala Dental took, be sent to me via email. They sent me a release form on 11/4/22 which I signed and returned the same day. The release form clearly states that once the signed release form is received, it will take 24-48 business hours to process and release the x-rays. On 11/8/22, I called Ocala Dental who stated that they would not release my x-rays because my insurance had not paid the claim that they submitted. I have called Ocala Dental several times for over a month now, and each time I was told the same thing. I finally called my insurance company on 12/7/22 to find out what the holdup was with the paying the claim. It was at that time I was told that no claim has been submitted to my insurance company from Ocala Dental which I also verified by checking on my "submitted claims page". With me on the phone, the insurance company then called Ocala Dental office and was told that the claim has not yet been submitted but that they were currently working on submitting the claim. So, just to recap, they knew I was in pain, they knew that I needed work done, they lied to me and told me that my insurance had not submitted payment to them when there was never even a claim submitted. This is unfair and dishonest business practices. They are holding my x-rays hostage and have out right lied to me - more than once. This only confirms for me why I did not have them do the dental work. So, be ware and follow your gut. To me, this seems to be either about money (but they never submitted a claim) or they are just out right vindictive with no concern for the discomfort I was in. It makes me wonder if they were trying to prevent me from seeking and receiving treatment elsewhere and running out the clock for my dental benefits for this year. Our teeth are far too precious and important to trust them to, dishonest uncaring people/businesses, that are not looking out for us. We look to them to give us good and honest advice (especially in matters we are not trained in) as well as quality and hopefully, affordable/reasonable service - ALL of which they appear to be really short on. I have tried to resolve this issue with them in a patient but persistent manner for over a month and was treated as if I was being unreasonable with too high of an expectation. Good and honest service should not be a "high expectation" but rather part of the foundational service routinely given – a baseline. Unfortunately, they have made no attempt to resolve this issue with me, follow through with my request (not even expedite It), they continue to lie to me and deny any culpability. Therefore, I will also report this to the Better Business Bureau in Ocala, file a complaint with my insurance company and take this to social media. We need to watch out for our community and those in it and make it known when a business is acting unfairly and taking advantage of those in our community. The word needs to get out about Ocala Dental and the type of business they are running with such an uncaring dishonest business practice!

    Review source: Google
  • Eric Tovar
    Eric Tovar

    If you want to see what a business equivalent of a mullet, make sure you ask for Jamila as your technician. The women in the front are respectful, sweet, and professional. However, in the 3 times I've been here, the last 2 times I've had Jamila as my technician, and she is AMAZING! Granted the other employees are good and sweet but Jamila makes the experience great. She is positive and uplifting which makes anything from a basic cleaning to a root canal less worrisome and a better experience. Every time I go in for anything I make sure to come with a motivational quote for us to share. As long as she is working at this location, and she is my technician I know I am in great hands.

    Re: If you want to see what a ...
    Ocala Dental Care replied on Saturday, December 3rd 2022

    Thanks Eric!

    Review source: Google
  • kevin massero
    kevin massero

    Jamila and Dr.Salifu we're a great team. Very calming and professional. Love the smile on Jamila. Made me comfortable.

    Re: Jamila and Dr.Salifu we'r ...
    Ocala Dental Care replied on Saturday, December 3rd 2022

    Thanks Kevin!

    Review source: Google
  • Gregory Culbreath
    Gregory Culbreath

    Jamila and Dr. But are the greatest combination of people to have working in your mouth. The are very beautiful people. Generous doesn’t begin to describe how much love they put into what they do. The know how to make a person feel good and comfortable throughout the whole process. Smile because you are in great hands ????????????

    Re: Jamila and Dr. But are th ...
    Ocala Dental Care replied on Saturday, December 3rd 2022

    Thanks Gregory!

    Review source: Google
  • Opel Arroyave
    Opel Arroyave

    Ms. Jamila has made my dental experience amazing,she is very professional yet delightfully happy! She has always made my experience a wonderful journey! Thank you so much!!

    Re: Ms. Jamila has made my de ...
    Ocala Dental Care replied on Saturday, December 3rd 2022

    Thanks Opel!

    Review source: Google
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