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Naturescape is proud to offer fully-guaranteed lawn and landscaping services at less than do-it-yourself prices. Our trained and licenced specialists use the highest-quality products to keep your lawn, trees and shrubs healthy and attractive. If you ever have any concerns, we will address them within 72 hours free of charge. We'd be happy to have you as our customer, and we look forward to working with you.

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12765 W Janesville Road, Muskego, WI 53150
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Services Naturescape Offers

Lawn care, Tree/shrub care, Mowing, Lawn aeration, Mosquito control

3.9 Out of 5.0

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David D
Review source: Google David D Saturday, October 14th 2023
We have used NatureScape for lawn care since 2018 and very satisfied with their service especially the liquid lawn nutrients and weeds killer. Sometimes if there were heavy rain after the apply they will reapply for keeping the quantity of service. Strongly recommend.
Emily Ipsa
Review source: Google Emily Ipsa Thursday, October 12th 2023
I had my bed sheets hanging outside when Benjamin came to cut our lawn.I quickly tried to take them down.When he came around to do the trimming he saw the sheets gone and went back to get his machine to come and cut that area.Very considerate of him.
Burt Reinhold
Review source: Google Burt Reinhold Thursday, September 21st 2023
Burt Reinhold opted not to leave a text review of Naturescape
Dennis Schulkers
Review source: Google Dennis Schulkers Thursday, September 14th 2023
First time in our lives, we hired a lawn service since my husband was having major surgery in August. Naturescape said that they would come out every 7-10 days to cut unless extremely dry, which it was not! It was contracted that they would call the morning of arrival, which they NEVER did. First cutting was Aug. 9. They did a decent job at that time. After my husband's surgery, HE had to call to inquire about another cutting as the lawn was very long! This was 3 weeks after the first cutting! A pleasant young man came out & explained to me that he stopped out twice & knocked on our door & we didn't answer. First of all, we have dogs who bark & they didn't Secondly, we have doorbell cameras on our phones & there is no indication of anyone from the company ever at our door!! At this appointment, the young man said that he went over our lawn 3x because of the length & when he was finished, I asked him why it was still so long & he replied that a person doesn't want to cut it too short. We are very disappointed as we thought that this would be a very reliable company, especially, when my husband is unable to do this task at this time. Going forward....our neighbor has offered to mow our lawn.....
Rene Schaefer
Review source: Google Rene Schaefer Sunday, September 3rd 2023
This was my first experience with the lawn cutting. They (Aaron) did a excellent job especially trimming between the bushes and the edging. Cindy
Dennis Guth
Review source: Google Dennis Guth Wednesday, August 16th 2023
They have been doing my weed
& mosquito control for years and I know that can call them anytime and they will be here & do a thorough job.
Benjamin Haase
Review source: Google Benjamin Haase Monday, July 31st 2023
Come on now! These guys came out at the end of July and sprayed, and fried my grass. It was lush, green and thriving (just needed weeds killed). Within 10 days after spraying it, pretty much all of the 3 month old grass that I had planted in April especially on my hill was dead and yellow. Manager tried blaming it on grubs. (Soil never had an infestation), and then on the hot, dry weather. It had indeed been hot and dry, but that's why I was watering my lawn every day all summer long. I told manager if he couldn't better the problem, our relationship would be ended. He said he'd have somebody come and overseed. I said I didn't want someone to just toss grass seed over a dry patch of lifeless grass. He said he wanted to make me happy and that wouldn't be the case. Lo and behold, somebody finally came last week (past planting season) and did just what I feared would happen: no aeration, no fresh top soil. Just seed lightly scattered over WRONG hill. My wife is always home. If they had any questions, they could have knocked or rang the doorbell. Nothing though. I will go back to taking care of my own lawn now. Goodbye Naturescape.
Cassandra Hoefke
Review source: Google Cassandra Hoefke Tuesday, July 11th 2023
Cassandra Hoefke opted not to leave a text review of Naturescape
Thomas Breeden
Review source: Google Thomas Breeden Monday, July 10th 2023
We have been a customer woth Naturescape since 1988. They have done a great job every year.
ben gil
Review source: Google ben gil Tuesday, June 27th 2023
Horrible service, I have more weeds then grass. Will NEVER use them again
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