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Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling

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About Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling

For the past 7 years, Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling has been one of the three top-rated practices in Vancouver, BC. Kemila works locally and virtually with clients from all over the world, with the issues of mental, emotional, behavior, and spiritual.

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666 Burrard St Suite 500, Vancouver V6C 3P6 CA
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Services Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling Offers

Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling offers services that help you access your inner wisdom and inner resources through hypnosis. Our services include counselling sessions such as career change counselling and relationship counselling; hypnosis for healing, goal achievement and life regressions; self-hypnosis; online sessions; counselling-hypnotherapy packages; gift certificates; consultations; and more. We are located in downtown Vancouver but also offer online sessions for clients who are unable or too far to travel.

  • Addiction And Recovery
  • Anxiety & Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling For Trauma
  • depressive disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Intuitive Guidance / Counseling Sessions
  • Overcoming Fears & Phobias Hypnosis
  • Spiritual psychology
4.6 Out of 5.0

Reviews For Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling

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Jesslyn Yang
Review source: Google Jesslyn Yang Tuesday, June 20th 2023
Kemila session had changed and improved my life significantly.
I was at the lowest point when I had my first session in 2021. After 5 sessions, my thought process had significantly improved. I began to view life more optimistically.
Rosa Lee
Review source: Google Rosa Lee Monday, June 12th 2023
Kemila is an absolute light in my life. She is genuine, very caring, and does all she can to make each session worthwhile. I have learned so much from her wisdom and guidance. Such a gift to this world.
A Google User
Review source: Google A Google User Tuesday, April 25th 2023
Kemila spends your time on general counseling chat to waste your time. It may make you feel good to vent, but first session of your package will be an expensive chat with a woman who only wants your money and will argue with you if you give her a less than stellar review. Was she worth the time and money spent for her services: NO! I have tried different therapists and treatments for my smoking problem, and by far the most over-rated and useless is Kemila Zsange. I do not recommend her. Do not believe all the 5-stars reviews posted here. Kemila Zsange was a bloody waste of my time and money. Sure, I got to vent a bit and short term feel good vibes, but nothing she did during those 3 sessions was effective.
Review source: Google MzM BC Tuesday, April 25th 2023

First session between Kemila and my elderly family member was, frankly, a waste of time and money in our opinion, with the 110 minutes spent on general psychological get-to-know-you questions AND NO HYPNOSIS for smoking cessation. I had prepaid $598.50 ($190 + 5% GST x 3 = $598.50)for a 3-session package for this and my family member told me afterwards she only agreed to go because I had prepaid and she thought I could not get a refund.

We were disappointed in the general pseudo-psycho-philosophical-round-about talk therapy despite Kemila’s seemingly caring demeanor. And I specifically told Kemila by text afterwards what I found off-putting and mind-bogglingly impertinent about the advice she told me at the end of the session with my elderly relative, when Kemila called me into the same room (I had waited outside the entire time to give my family member some privacy with Kemila) and told me that her honest assessment was that I should "move out" of our shared residence because I do not get along with this family member! ... What?!? I thought, How will THAT solve my family member’s smoking problem?!? Does Kemila think we signed up for family therapy, not smoking cessation hypnotherapy??? Why did she feel it necessary to call me into the same room to address me if she thinks I am not her client???

I paid her fee and got my relative's opinions about Kemila’s services. Thus, I write this review as agent on behalf of my elderly relative.

I had texted Kemila detailed feedback after the session, which she did not care about as much as this tepid originally 2-star review I posted. Finally, Kemila replied: "I am no longer motivated or interested in seeing you again or helping you because of the 2-star review which I admit is honest but I do not like."

She did say she would refund us for the 2 unused sessions...which she did not fully refund.

Our experience is that Kemila is more concerned about public perception on her business ($) than genuinely helping people, at least in our case.

Kemila argued with me because of my rating. Despite my telling her to keep the money and offering to bring my elderly family member back for a second session where I would sit in the same room to make that family member feel safe and less scared about being hypnotized, Kemila flatly refused and told us she was no longer interested in helping.

And kemila will argue and berate you online if she does not like your review...I think she has grandious ideas of her services. Kemila is unprofessional and dishonest. Instead of refunding us the remaining 2 sessions with $399 (I.e. $190 + 5% per session x 2) as per her fees listed onh her website she refunded us only $328.84, keeping $70.16. And it was a complete b.s. session according to my relative, based on guidance counselor type q and a.

Kemila showed shockingly no insight about an addict's reliance on excuses.

Kemila has no understanding of addiction or professionalism. She is a cash grabber and unrelentingly self-congratulatory. Stay away.
Peter Kennedy
Review source: Google Peter Kennedy Saturday, July 23rd 2022
Kemila has a professional and personable approach. I spent 2 hours with her, and came away transformed. Very powerful.
anin setyo
Review source: Google anin setyo Tuesday, April 19th 2022
anin setyo opted not to leave a text review of Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Veran Starre
Review source: Google Veran Starre Monday, February 28th 2022
Reviews are fake
Selenna Ho
Review source: Google Selenna Ho Tuesday, January 18th 2022
Selenna Ho opted not to leave a text review of Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling
C Tsang
Review source: Google C Tsang Friday, September 3rd 2021
Kemila’s intuition, unique style and dedication to her work and her clients make her a truly exceptional therapist. Thank you for everything Kemila.
Ron Rouben
Review source: Google Ron Rouben Friday, March 5th 2021
If I had to keep it simple, I would sum up, in one word, my experience with Kemila as OUTSTANDING. I am, however, not good at keeping things simple, so if you wish to learn more about the experience, feel free to read on as I include further details below.

From the initial correspondence, to the moments leading up to our first encounter, and to the meaningful, productive, and life-giving hours spent in session with Ms. Zsange, there prevailed a sense that I had unequivocally found the right person to enlist as my ally. Kemila dedicates a great deal of time to her clients well-before ever meeting them in uncovering the issues that you are seeking to resolve. She responds to phone messages/email requests very promptly and as her client I felt extremely valued and respected before I even set foot in her office.

You will get a sense of just how intuitive she is well in advance of your session, but even then as the saying goes, "you ain't seen nothing yet". In person, she will put you at ease while simultaneously concretizing precisely what course of action needs to be taken; and then, she will deliver. And she delivers not only in content, but in tone. She somehow combines her expertise in the field with off-the-charts communication skills in offering a first-rate product. All that you have to do is to be open with her and then trust her to work her magic. I do not use the term :magic" loosely here. I imagined that the component that I was counting on the most was the one which would find me in a deep trance, and while that was a wonderful experience, I found that the time spent in consult ahead of the hypnosis was also extremely valuable.

I do not tend to trust people very quickly, but Kemila earned my faith in her right from the start. I must confess that a part of me wishes that she had not been so effective, because I really want to go back, yet I am doing much better and would not know what to ask for! Thank you, Kemila, for the grace, respect, and attention & care that you devoted to me. I hope that our paths will cross again. Please accept my gratitude for your approach which led you to have a colossal impact on me in areas well-beyond the scope of the original presenting issue. CHAMPION!
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More About Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling (KZHC) is Registered in Vancouver, BC Canada. The business has served successful private practice for the past 12 years, seeing people locally in the downtown Vancouver office, as well as globally via Skype from all over the world to empower individuals on mental, physical and emotional levels. Seven years in a row, Kemila Zsange is rated as one of the three top hypnotherapists on Kemila specializes in helping people with emotional stability, behaviour modification, and mental balance. She is known for facilitating deep work for well-being, helping people access their inner resources and inner wisdom.

Dedicated to helping her clients with the aid of hypnosis, Kemila also has produced over 10 mp3 downloads, as well as three books.