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Affordable rates for premier hypnotherapy services in Mashpee MA and towns in Barnstable County - serving region since 2004 - online hypnosis services.

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Theresa Mariano
Review source: Google Theresa Mariano Friday, October 22nd 2021
it was a wonderful experience. Erika was lovely and I haven't had a cigarette since I left her office. Would highly recommend her services
D Cormier
Review source: Google D Cormier Wednesday, May 5th 2021
Erica is a soothing presence who helped me get to a hypnotic state to quit smoking.
Luke Martin
Review source: Google Luke Martin Monday, February 22nd 2021
I highly recommend Erika at free at last hypnosis. I can honestly say that working with her has benefited me in so many ways. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Our sessions together have made such a huge improvement in my life. If you are looking to quit smoking, lose weight or deal with anxiety related problems then get in touch with Erika today. You won't regret it! Thanks so much Erika
Ninon Garvin
Review source: Google Ninon Garvin Friday, March 9th 2018
I smoked for 30 years and I honestly thought I'd never be able to quit. My life has changed and I feel great! I am still amazed that I just don't want to smoke and really have had no side effects or withdrawals. And because of my success my husband was inspired to try hypnosis as well. Now we are both smoke free!
Thank you Erika!
Kim Ketron
Review source: Google Kim Ketron Saturday, July 9th 2016
I went to one of Erika's group sessions back a few months ago with a friend of mine. I didn't know what to expect. What Erika does is really teach you how to re-train your mind and think differently. My goal was to loose weight and bring my diabetes numbers down. I did just that. To date I've lost 26 pounds and my A1C is almost at normal level. I owe it all to Erika! She helped me save my life!
Christopher Dupre
Review source: Google Christopher Dupre Saturday, December 12th 2015
I was very skeptical at first. Erika is great very friendly and explains everything about hypnosis. As of now I am smoke free and have been for a month and a half. I was smoking almost two packs a day. I tried everything to quit Chantix,lausengers,e cigarette,patches, the gum you name it i tried it. After my session my big worries were craving for a cigarette, but let me tell you the craving were just gone. The next morning when I woke uo for work at quarter of 5 there was nothing! No craving at all and to be honest I didn't even think about a cigarette until I seen and emoty pack in my car. Since my session I have no gained any weight or had a single craving :))) if your worried about the cost dont be it is well worth it and my flexible spending account (Benifiet Strategies) covered it and reimbursed me all the money.
melissa mills
Review source: Google melissa mills Monday, September 7th 2015
I took my 13 year old son to see Erika for help with a bee phobia, and she was wonderful! Erika was prepared for the visit, she was patient and truly wanted to help. When we left the office, I noticed a change in my son within a few hours. He is now confident and equipped with tools to help him not be afraid of bees. My son has been able to enjoy his summer for the first time in many years, thanks to Free At Last Hypnosis!
Gabriela Zakak
Review source: Google Gabriela Zakak Sunday, January 19th 2014
I am so impressed with Erika Slater from Free at Last Hypnosis!! I have been smoke-free for 7 months now, and never thought it would be this easy! I was a smoker (pack a day) for about 40 years, and I tried to quit several times without success in the past (including a hypnosis session in Florida many years ago). I honestly thought I would never be able to quit...and then I went to Free At Last.... and that was the last day I smoked! The thought pops us very infrequently, and disappears just as cravings, no weight gain to speak of (maybe a lb or two), no stinking smoke odor on my clothes and hair, (my car smells clean too!) and most important of all, my lungs are happy again (no more coughing/hacking). I highly recommend Erika and her extremely effective hypnosis method!! I will be forever thankful to her for giving me my freedom back!! PS: My health insurance covered 100% of the fees too!! Win-Win!
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Hypnotherapy services for smoking cessation and weight loss service covering Mashpee, Hyannis and Cape Cod MA area.