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About Clinical Dietitian & Nutrition Consultants

Lifestyle and Wellness Coach Vered Kantor, founder of Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants, specializes in lifestyle change, weight management, and disease prevention for adult women. Through a comprehensive approach, Kantor, a registered clinical dietician and nutrition consultant, focuses on the relationship among the mind, body, and soul to address weight management, disease prevention, and “whole” wellness.

Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants goes beyond simple nutrition counsel, instead combining nutrition with emotions and behaviors to effect permanent changes that lead to a healthy life-long lifestyle. Their nutrition and wellness programs are tailored to the individual, ensuring a very specific approach that addresses unique needs and challenges, delivering a personal solution for each client. Kantor uses her experience in both traditional and alternative approaches to nutrition and wellness to partner with her patients, empowering each one to change their behavior and achieve long-term results. Her extensive background in nutrition, dietetics, and weight management (she's been a noted resource in numerous articles) enables her to offer her patients a practical, personal approach to lifestyle change, weight management, and disease prevention. The mother of a toddler, an avid traveler, and a gourmet cook, Kantor is deeply grateful for the opportunity to combine her love for science, nutrition and food with the ability to consult with and empower women to achieve and maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.
At the core of Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants is the Step-up Nutrition Program, a comprehensive weight management and disease prevention program that stresses the importance of optimal nutrition, active lifestyle, sleep, and the body-mind connection, focusing on disease prevention and wellness as well as medical conditions that can be addressed via nutrition and behavioral change.

The program is tailored to adult women, who approach and experience weight loss and behavioral change differently than men.

The Step-up Nutrition is a “therapeutic lifestyle program” supporting long-term nutritional solutions and permanent lifestyle change. Since many health problems are caused by our lifestyle choices and habits, organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and National Cholesterol Education Program are recommending therapeutic lifestyle programs as a primary and powerful therapy for the prevention and maintenance of different conditions.

Scientifically based, the Step-up Nutrition Program uses the latest scientifically sound nutrition and health information from science and evidence based research. Our program is based on coaching as well as self-management. Women take personal responsibility and accountability for their health and well-being. During the wellness journey to optimal health and well-being, women become the students of their own habits. This is an awareness process, with change occurring from inside out.

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30 Roper Corners Circle, Greenville, SC 29615
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Services Clinical Dietitian & Nutrition Consultants Offers

One-on-one individualized nutrition and lifestyle consulting services are offered through the Step-up Nutrition Program. Additionally, Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants offers the following:

Consulting to industry and various health facilities:
Worksite wellness / weight management programs
Cooperation health fairs, benefits fairs, and “Ask the Dietitian Booth"
Development of nutritional materials
Culinary and food demos/ Taste Ambassador
Consulting regarding the therapeutic applications of vitamins / minerals / herbs and their efficacy
Speaking engagements for professional and community groups during conferences, workshops, or events
Menu development
Recipe analysis and recipe modification
The management of medical conditions through nutritional involvement is often called Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Diet and nutrition can play a crucial role in the management of some medical conditions. Through personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy, Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants can help clients understand their diets and use proper nutrition to reduce complications of certain conditions.

Health conditions and illnesses can be managed and improved by nutrition therapy.
Heart disease prevention and management
Cholesterol management
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Metabolic syndrome
Insulin resistance syndrome
Cancer prevention and management
PMS and Menopause
Pregnancy and postpartum
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia
Digestive ailments, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), GERD, celiac disease.
Arthritis or joint pain

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