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About Bond Vet - East Village

Bond Vet — East Village is a modern and friendly vet located in Stuy Town, at 18th and 1st Ave. We specialize in urgent care, meaning timely medical needs for a rash, diarrhea, limping, coughing or other symptoms that indicate a non-life-threatening health issue. For prompt treatment, we offer walk-in appointments, or you can book online. Bond Vet's mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond through better pet care — we know pets and pet parents typically don't look forward to vet visits, and we don't think it has to be that way. We reimagined the experience, with warm and welcoming clinics, neutral lighting, hydration stations, dog treat bars and comfortable furniture. But our differences are not just aesthetic — we have an in-house technology team who builds better veterinary tools to make it easy for pet parents to book appointments and vets to log records and communicate with clients. We know price is a real factor when it comes to vet care, and we don't enjoy surprises, so we offer options and upfront pricing when it comes to diagnostics and next steps. We'll never pressure you into doing more tests and treatments than you are comfortable doing, and we'll help you file pet insurance claims because we know that's a process. In addition to urgent care treatment, Bond Vet offers a wide range of veterinary services including routine wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings, spays, neuters, mass removal, orthopedic surgeries and more. Because veterinary medicine is known to be a stressful industry, Bond Vet prioritizes our team's mental health and emotional well-being — taking better care of our people helps them take better care of your pet. You can bring your pet to Bond Vet solely for urgent care, or we can be your primary care vet; either way, we'll provide top-notch care for your pet. Bond Vet - East Village is located at 282 1st Avenue in Manhattan, and is open from 10am to 8pm every day, including holidays. Walk in or book online at bondvet.

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282 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009
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Nydia L
Review source: Google Nydia L Wednesday, May 17th 2023
I took my dog here for emergency care and was very satisfied with the vet who initially examined him however, it went downhill from there. No one called to follow up on him. I had to contact them several times to get blood results and was told they could not discuss them with me that only the vet could give them to me. This required several calls and after complaining I finally received a call from the vet advising me she had released the blood results for posting the day before and they should’ve been given to me. In addition, to add insult to injury I received an email saying that I had missed my follow up appointment. No follow up appointment had ever been scheduled because it was agreed at the time of the initial visit that the vet would get back to me to discuss the blood results so we could plan what the next steps would be. All in all, when you have a pet who is in pain from an unknown source, and you are anxious to help them and find the cause of this source Bond Vets care was completely unprofessional and unacceptable.
William Beauchamp
Review source: Google William Beauchamp Monday, May 15th 2023
very good experience- was first time. will come back.
John Cynn
Review source: Google John Cynn Monday, May 1st 2023
John Cynn opted not to leave a text review of Bond Vet - East Village
Prachi Modi
Review source: Google Prachi Modi Wednesday, April 5th 2023
They do not listen to you. Rude. misleading messaging. Staffperson on phone Wednesday April 5 morning was inattentive.
Vernita De Loatch
Review source: Google Vernita De Loatch Saturday, April 1st 2023
This is ???? 3rd visit with Bond Vet. Each time he has been seen the staff has been very friendly to my pet and myself. The atmosphere is very calming and relaxing. In addition the wait time is not long. Also, the veterinarian is very informative, and has answered any and all questions and concerns i have. Bond Vet is ???? primary care doctor
Skylar White
Review source: Google Skylar White Monday, March 27th 2023
Skylar White opted not to leave a text review of Bond Vet - East Village
Anna Maxwell
Review source: Google Anna Maxwell Monday, February 27th 2023
amazing first visit - safest ive ever felt with a vet and they handled my shy pup with so much care!
David Swissman
Review source: Google David Swissman Wednesday, February 22nd 2023
Bond is good if you want your dog to get vaccinations or medicines. However, they are terrible if your dog is seriously injured or sick. I brought my dog in because it wasn't eating or drinking for 3 days straight. The vet ran an X-ray and told me that "there's a good chance theres something block its foodway to its stomach and that it was urgent and to take it an animal hospital". She also told me that surgery would most likely be needed.

So basically, I spent $850, to have an evaluation and an X-ray to be told to go to a specialist because they're unsure of what the problem is. After that, I went to an animal hospital in which I spent $2,000 on fluids, medicines, and another Xray. After they took the second X-ray they told me theres nothing "blocking" his stomach and it's either pancreatitis or a bacterial infection. They then gave me super basic medicines for my dog to take.

Moral of the story, Bonds vet misdiagnosed my dog, made me panic in thinking my dog was potentially going to die, and made me spend over $2,500 for a vague consultation. Again, if you need simple medicines or a routine check up sure, go here. But if your dog is severely sick, avoid this place at ALL COST.
Byfield, R.N.
Review source: Google Byfield, R.N. Friday, February 3rd 2023
I originally selected Bond Vet due to convenience of access, but after my first visit, I couldn't be happier with my choice. The Dr., the Techs, the Administrator and the set-up of the clinic are great, and work toward welcoming both the pet and parent. They genuinely love animals, and manage to keep the place looking and smelling clean despite the many visitors. Always, working to keep the animals needs met, and the pet parent informed. This is not hype, and this was on the first visit. I also liked that they were conscious of my costs, and kept me informed as we went.
It is a win for me.
Violaine Gonzalez
Review source: Google Violaine Gonzalez Sunday, January 29th 2023
Kind and amazing staff. On time and really took good care of my baby Mocha.
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