Acquired Brain Injury Survivors Support Group of Louisiana

Provides resources for related brain injury cases in the area, links to various support groups, and details on the association's activities.


Resource directory about elder health and care that includes demographics and blogs.

Families Helping Families

Group dedicated to helping fellow families with special physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs or issues.

Grand Family Dentistry

Offers a wide range of options available to meet clients' dental needs at affordable prices. GrandDentist

Hope Chests

Breast cancer support group in Baton Rouge. Site presents an events schedule, meeting notes, news, and related links.

Longleaf Hospital

Inpatient hospital in Louisiana for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors who are experiencing mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and others.

Louisiana Answers

Provides a resource to assist those who are elderly or have disabilities with finding in-home and community based services.

Louisiana Assisted Living Association

Offers details of membership, directory, education, events, resources and consumer information.

Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthestits

Association information including details of committees, legislation, resources, news and events.

Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners

State association of nurse practitioners provides details of members, resources, jobs, conference, news and mission statement.

Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling

Nonprofit organization advocating for cost-effective and quality assistance for individuals affected by gambling obsession problems.

Louisiana Cancer and Lung Trust Fund Board

Legislatively created board devoted to determining policy for the Louisiana Tumor Registry and distributing state funds for cancer research.

Louisiana Health Care Review

Offers a list of health care providers, news, and contact information.

Louisiana Hospital Association

Hospital association provides details of member groups, careers, products and services, education, issues, advocacy and events. LAHospitals

Louisiana Lions Camp

Nonprofit residential camp owned and operated by the Louisiana Lions League for Crippled Children, Inc. Accommodates boys and girls with mental and physical challenges.

Louisiana Stat Board of Medical Examiners

Government body responsible for protecting public health and safety through the determination of qualifications of applicants for licensure, the enforcement of the medical practice act, and the imposition of disciplinary action.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Provides education, research, patient care services and community outreach.