BBC News Country Profiles: Nicaragua

Provides an overview and facts along with information about leaders and news.

Online Casino Reports Nicaragua

Professional online gambling portal for Nicaraguan readers in Spanish, with reviews, guides and helpful information.

Republic of Nicaragua

Profile of the country provided by the U.S. Department of State gives geography, government, social, economic, political and historical details.

The World Factbook: Nicaragua

The CIA's site offers maps and information about the nation, as well as details about the people, government, economy, and transnational issues.

U.S. Department of State: Nicaragua

The State Department's travel bureau offers a description of the country, entry and exit requirements, safety facts, and embassy locations.

WHO: Nicaragua

The World Health Organization's overview includes a brief profile of the country, the disease outbreaks, mortality profile, and AIDS treatment facts.

Worldwide Classroom : Nicaragua

Find information on international programs available in Nicaragua.