Business Register of Latvia

Registration information for the commercial enterprises of the country. Shows forms, services details and related links.

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia

Details the services and obligations of the council. Presents the country’s constitution and a list of their presiding judges.

Investment and Development Agency

Promotes and facilitates the foreign trade of the country; with council facts, overviews, activity list and contact details presented.

Latvia Supreme Court

Displays the committee’s structure, chambers, history and annual reports. Includes press releases and a compilation of their court decisions.

Latvian Institute of Internal Affairs

Shows the council’s overview, publications, and projects of the country’s government institutions.

Latvian Transatlantic Organization

Displays an overview of the council, activity details, related news articles and contact information.

Ministry of Economics

Displays details on the bureau’s structure and projects. Shows its overview, publications and contact information.

Ministry of Finance

Finance ministry offers details of responsibilities, activities and resources including information on programs, state aid, budget, taxes and macroeconomics.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Presents the minister’s profile and details on the office’s functions and its consular issues. Also shows foreign policy news articles and the history of Latvia.

Ministry of Justice

Shows a list of the officials and the history of the organization that was established a day after the proclamation of the Latvian independence.

Ministry of Transport

Transport ministry provides details of strategy, mandate and mission, the main tasks of the ministry, fields of activities and contact information.