Court of Justice of the European Communities

Highest court in the European Union; features news, press releases, court diary and case law.

Debating Europe

A debating platform and think tank that discusses ideas with Europe’s leaders and provokes back-and-forth discussion. Divided into topic groups.

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training

Supports development of European vocational education and training (VET) policies and contributes to their implementation.

European Commission

Executive branch of the European Union. Features extensive policy, funding and legal information.

European Liberal Youth

Pan-European youth organization seeking to promote liberal values throughout the EU.

European Parliament

Official site of the European Parliament; contains news, extensive information on how the Parliament functions plus lists of MEPs.

European Patent Office

Provides information on obtaining a patent, a calendar of upcoming events and classes, and an online toolbox for applicants.

Friends of Europe

Think-tank open to all who are interested in Europe's future including EU institutions and member governments, companies, NGOs, civil society groups, industry associations, the press and academia.

International Paneuropean Union

Organization provides information on history, and links to regional groups.

The European Central Bank

The central bank for Europe's single currency tasked with maintaining the euro's purchasing power and price stability. Legal framework, organisation, history, educational resources, and videos.