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Discover Bulgaria

Offers a guide to Bulgaria including activities, places, special deals and featured hotels.

Ivanovo Monastery

Website contains a brief history and general information about the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo.

Pictures of Bulgaria

Travel guide to explore Bulgaria through pictures, history, places of interest and accommodation choices.

Pirin National Park

Website furnishes pictures, information popular outdoor activities and visiting the park.

Rila Monastery

Site contains the history about the Monastery of Saint John of Rila. Includes accommodation, food and contact information.

The Boyana Church

Website features the history of the the Boyana Church. Includes pictures of the art and architecture medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church.

U.S. State Department- Bulgaria Travel

Specific travel information on Bulgaia. U.S. State Department website offers data on entry/exit requirements, embassies and consulates, safety and security, and medical and health facilities for travelers to Bulgaria.

USIT Colours Bulgaria Ltd

Licensed tour operator and travel agency providing travel arrangements and educational exchange programs.