Arts and Entertainment

Alison’s Tour of the Forbidden City

Provides a photographic tour of the historical site taken by a tourist.

Architecture in Beijing

Explores the avant-garde style of construction within the country’s capital city.

Beijing International

An official guide to art and culture in Beijing including things to see and do including museums, galleries and festivals.

Beijing Service – Forbidden Temple

Discusses the cultural significance of the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Beijing Service: Summer Palace

Discusses the architectural and cultural highlights of the former imperial retreat in the country.

Beijing Service: Temple of Heaven

Explains the heritage and cultural significance of the worship location.

Beijing Trip: Summer Palace

Provides photos and details of the imperial garden. Also provides links to research materials.

Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery

Displays the works of traditional and avant garde artists of the country.

China Military Museum

Presents information on China's military history, displays, exhibitions, location and a visitor's guide to the museum.

Courtyard Gallery

Contains artist profile, exhibition schedules, and news highlights.

National Museum of China

Presents an overview of the museum plus information on exhibitions, the collection, visitor information, a map, opening hours and news.

Palace Museum

Contains details of the location, visiting, exhibitions, collections, displays and tours plus news and virtual galleries.

The Bookworm Beijing

Find information on events, wining and dining, lending library, book shop, literary festival, resources room, book reviews and activities.