Society and Culture

Angkor Planet

Offers a resource on Angkor including history, regional information, visual presentations and a guide to the temples.

Angkor The Khmer Temples

Presents an overview of the temples including a brief description and images.

Angkor Wat Portal

Provides news, information and resources including a virtual visit to Ta Phrom temple.

Association of the Blind in Cambodia

Non profit organization focusing on the blind and visually impaired provides details of projects, activities, history and contacts.

Beauty and Darkness Cambodia

Information on the recent history of Cambodia including the Khmer Rouge period.

Bible Society in Cambodia

Bible society established in Cambodia in 1968 provides details of mission, catalogue, activities and contacts.

Cambodia Organization for Children and Development

Find information on the objectives of the organization, structure, program, documents, getting involved and funding sources.

Cambodian Christian

Find information on Christianity in Cambodia including news, groups, forum, blog, events and features.

Cambodian Civil Society Partnership

Presents details of the program, resource center, network, support, careers, meetings and activities.

Cambodian Disabled People's Organisation

Offers information on membership, program, annual report, resources and contacts.

Cambodian Hope Organisation

Christian NGO based in Poipet provides details of projects plus information on how to help.

Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights

Human Rights organization provides details of programs, library, donations, history, press releases, resources and activities.

Cambodian Women's Crisis Center

Organization advocating for the human rights of women and children in Cambodia provides details of protection, prevention, advocacy, research, news, getting involved facts and donations.

Digital Archive of Cambodian Holocaust Survivors

Presents information about the archives including survivor stories and a section on the Cambodian Killing Fields.

Documentation Center of Cambodia

Gives the history of the center including details of projects, databases and publications plus survivors stories and family tracing information.

Global Volunteer Network - Cambodia

Offers information on volunteer opportunities including program requirements, program details and applications.

India Association Cambodia

Non profit Indian community and charitable community development association provides details of membership, events, news, resources, sponsors and activities.

Khmer Youth Association

Association working in the area of human resources development, gender, human rights, environment and democratic development provides details of program, reports, resources and donors.

Mith Samlanh

Local organization working with Cambodian street children provides details of programs, businesses, awards, news and contacts.

Puthi Komar

Organisation focusing the emotional, intellectual and economic well being of children and their communities in Cambodia.

Sangkheum Center for Children

Center providing education, training, scholastic support and care to disadvantaged children and youth in Cambodia.

The Angkor Guide

Contains information on the Angkor monuments including a download of Maurice Glaze's 1944 guide.

UNESCO World Hertitage Angkor

Provides a description of Angkor plus details of activities, news, documents, threats, assistance, a gallery and video.

United Nations Cambodia

Supplies details of the role of the UN in Cambodia including details of joint programmes, country information and contacts.