Maps and Views

A Lovely World – Egypt

Features a virtual map of the country, with information and resources pertaining to weather, geography and other related topics.

Bills Shop

Supplies titles and descriptions for photographs showing various local sceneries and tourist spots in Egypt such as its museums and pyramids.

Egypt 2006

Contains sets of pictures taken by a traveler during his trip to the country in March of the stated year. Shows images of Cairo, Giza pyramids and other areas.

Egypt Galleries

Features images of the country’s capital city, the Western Desert and the upper Nile Valley.

Egypt: A Travelogue

A photo gallery, mainly focused on historical sites.

Egyptian Monuments

Brief introduction to the page’s author and extensive image database consisting of different sites found in various areas across the country.

University of Chicago Library – Photograph Archive

Lists different categories for pictures collected in the database such as Arabic and Ottoman art and Islamic and Pharaonic monuments.