Guides and Directories

A Country Study - Algeria

Features a country profile provided by the US Library of Congress including information on geography, society, the economy, transportatin, telecommunications, government, politics and national security. - Algeria

Portal for Algerian web pages categorized according to their specific fields.

ArabNet - Algeria

Provides facts about the country that includes overview on its history, geography, culture, form of government, and tourism.

BBC News - Country Profile: Algeria

Overview on the facts and figures about the country, its national leader, geography, and media programs and activities.

CIA - World Factbook: Algeria

Information on the country's geography, people, government, economy, communications, military, and transnational issues are provided by the government institution.

Columbia University Libraries - Middle East Studies: Algeria

Provides a directory of categorized and annotated links about the country used and compiled by the Middle East and Jewish Studies for educational purposes.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Country Profiles: Algeria

Shows information about the demographical data, history, politics, and developments of Algeria.

Hejleh - Algeria

Provides general information and links relating to Algeria and its inhabitants.

University of Pennsylvania - African Studies Center: Algeria

Contains a compilation of annotated resources related to the African country.

US Library of Congress - Portals of the World: Algeria

Offers a selection of resources on Algeria including business, culture, education, embassies, language and technology.