Guides and Directories

A Country Study - Algeria

Features a country profile provided by the US Library of Congress including information on geography, society, the economy, transportatin, telecommunications, government, politics and national security.

Algeria Links

Database of categorized links that contain various information in various fields of interest pertaining to the country. - Algeria

Portal for Algerian web pages categorized according to their specific fields.

ArabNet - Algeria

Provides facts about the country that includes overview on its history, geography, culture, form of government, and tourism.

BBC News - Country Profile: Algeria

Overview on the facts and figures about the country, its national leader, geography, and media programs and activities.

CIA - World Factbook: Algeria

Information on the country's geography, people, government, economy, communications, military, and transnational issues are provided by the government institution.

Columbia University Libraries - Middle East Studies: Algeria

Provides a directory of categorized and annotated links about the country used and compiled by the Middle East and Jewish Studies for educational purposes.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Country Profiles: Algeria

Shows information about the demographical data, history, politics, and developments of Algeria.

Hejleh - Algeria

Provides general information and links relating to Algeria and its inhabitants.

Nation Master - Algeria

Includes profile of the country, maps, geography, and facts and figures.

University of Pennsylvania - African Studies Center: Algeria

Contains a compilation of annotated resources related to the African country.

US Library of Congress - Portals of the World: Algeria

Offers a selection of resources on Algeria including business, culture, education, embassies, language and technology.