Playing Games

Once in a while we get an editor or two who really get into a groove and crank out a bunch of sites into an area. Those days are fun. With our attempts at getting additional editors involved with the project, luckily those days seem more frequent. We have a few editors that have taken …

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New Reseller Tracking

We are pleased to announce that the new reseller tracking technology is currently available. While the current UID tracking technology will still be valid, all new resellers will be required to employ the new reseller tracking technology. We have launched the new tracking code in an effort to better serve our resellers, minimize reseller code, …

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Good People

Best of the Web is all about the people. We are an ecclectic group – a diverse culture with varied backgrounds, educations, beliefs, and ideas. We encourage free thinking, promote autonomy, and provide a challenging and exciting work environment. By maintaining an open, rewarding, and fun environment, we consistently attract and retain some of the …

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Conference Schedules

In light of the overwhelming success we had at the WMW New Orleans conference, we have decided to incorporate the industry conferences and trade shows into our corporate duties. Thanks to all of you who made us feel so welcome in ‘Nawlins. Not only did we learn a lot, we made some great contacts, and …

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BOTW Blog Sails

Welcome. If you are reading this then you are either a webmaster, internet marketer, search engineer, or general internet geek. This blog was created with you in mind.