Dr. T's

Contains links in economics, business management and finance, news, data and analysis, and compiles directory for economic sources.

Economic Growth Resources

Resource for economic growth includes surveys, references, researchers, papers, books, data sets, journals, events and networks.

Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers

Lists public economics and political economy associations, societies, and centers from countries worldwide.

FindLaw - Law and Economics Resources

Presents law and economics, working papers, bibliographies, mailing lists, journals, government resources, academic programs, and outlines.

Free Lunch: Free Economic, Demographic and Financial Data

Directory contains useful list of trends and statistics on economic related subjects.

LLEK Bookmarks - Economics

Directory listings of economic journals, catalogs of scientific searchers, and links to related topics.

RePec - Research Papers in Economics

Collaborative of volunteers enhances dissemination of research in economics, and decentralize database of working papers, journal articles, software, and related materials.

Resources for Economists

Links includes blogs, classic work in economics and political economy, data sources, journals, associations, consulting and forecasting services, quotes, working papers, and financial market information.