Following is the list of categories for 1997. You may nominate a site in any appropriate category after reading the rules (please!)
Best Commercial Site
Your favorite commercial, for-profit site. Should exemplify the use of the Web increase a company's presence.
Best On-line News Resource
What do you think is the best source for on-line news?
Best Entertainment Site
The best site that relates to the entertainment industry. It may have something to do with movies, television, music...
Best Sports Site
Your favorite sports-related site.
Best Professional Site
If you're a professional in some field, what site on the Web has been of most value to you?
Best Personal Home Page
There are a lot of personal home pages on the Web... what's your favorite?
Best School/University Site
Your favorite site that makes the school easier to use for students, and more attractive to the rest of us.
Best Educational Site
What site have you found to be the most informative on the Web? This does not have to be school or university; it can be any information resource.
Best Community Site
Some sites exist to serve a local community. Which of these is the best?
Best Government Site
The best site by a governmental agency.
Best Navigational Aid
What best helps you navigate around the World Wide Web? This could be a search engine, a meta index, a browser...
Most Entertaining Site
Not to be confused with "Best Entertainment Site." What site have you found to be most entertaining? This could include side-splitting humor, clever satire, an on-line game, or anything else that's fun. (No adult sites please)
Most Important Concept
What do you think is the most important concept ever to be introduced to the World Wide Web?

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