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  Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Texas 
  • Winridge Farm - Overview of farm facilities and location with details on horse sales and contact references.
  • World Equine Services - Full-service breeding facility dedicated to quarter horses. Site offers sales information along with contact details.
  • Wright Quarter Horses - Breeding and showing quarter horses. Site presents sales information and facility features.
  • Myers Horse Farms - Overview of the farm's quarter horses and breeding facilities. News and standings provided.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Associations  > Oceania  > Australia 
  • Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria - Aims to promote and advance the interest of thoroughbred breeding in Victoria. Site includes sales dates and a message board.
  • Thoroughbred Breeders New South Wales - Organization established to promote, advance, and encourage thoroughbred breeding in New South Wales.
  • Thoroughbred Breeders Australia - Registered organization representing the thoroughbred breeding industry in Australia. Site comes with news as well as buying and selling updates.
  • Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners' Association - Independent association of thoroughbred racehorse owners. Site provides association profile, news, and contract details.
  • Thoroughbred Racing South Australia - Organization profile encompasses industry structure, education and training programs, annual report, and contact details.
  • Victoria Racing Club - Account on the club's history together with membership details and racing information.
  • Warrnambool Racing Club - Overview of the club's race dates and packages with membership details and facility information.
  • Werribee Racing Club - Resource for club information encompassing racing and membership details, packages, and facility features.
  • Mornington Racing Club - Presenting the club's race dates together with details on membership, packages, and facilities.
  • Moe Racing Club - Contains details of membership, racing, race days, events, membership, facilities and sponsorship.
  • New South Wales Racehorse Owners Association - Holds profile of the organization together with race dates, training details, and membership particulars.
  • Racing New South Wales - Contains links to affiliate organizations as well as racing information, news, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Oakbank Racing Club - Details the club's facilities and location as well as membership information and race results.
  • Queanbeyan Racing Club - Access to club information with race reports, analysis, and track facts.
  • Eagle Farm Racecourse - Featuring the farm's racecourse facilities including racing information and membership details.
  • Racing Victoria Limited - Resource for racing information with racecourse details and breeding particulars.
  • South Australian Jockey Club - Official website presenting club information as well as membership particulars. News and upcoming events provided.
  • South Australian Thoroughbred Breeders - News and club information including racing and breeding details.
  • Wine Racing - Featuring the club's facilities and activities. News and sponsorship details also provided.
  • Sydney Turf Club - General information on the club with membership details, events list, and an annual report.
  • Tattersall's Club - Portal to club information and membership details. With facility features and travel particulars.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Harness Racing  > Entries, Programs and Results 
  • Bluegrass Staking Service - Offering personal and professional services to standardbred owners and trainers.
  • Trackmaster - Online resource for harness racing information encompassing track details and race dates.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Harness Racing  > News and Media 
  • The Harness Edge - Web version of the publication devoted to standardbred racing. Contains links to current and previous issues as well as details for subscription.
  • - Daily news source dedicated to harness racing. Details on entries and results also presented.
  • Hoof Beats - Homepage of the magazine centered on harness racing. Presents news archives as well as links to its current and previous issues.
  • Standardbred Canada - Online news source dedicated to harness racing. Sales list and stallion directory provided.
  • US Trotting Association Newsroom - News and information pertaining to harness racing encompassing details on entries, results, and statistics.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Harness Racing  > Organizations 
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Harness Racing  > Sales Companies and Listings 
  • Blooded Horse Sales - Contains company profile as well as sales information covering schedules, results, and contracts.
  • - Online resource for buying and selling harness horses. With client testimonials and registration details.
  • Preferred Equine - Guide to a wide range of standardbred sales. With breeding information, news, and contact details.
  • Standardbreds R Us - Serves as resource for buying, selling, and trading standardbred horses.
  • Tattersalls - Sales information encompasses results, roster, and consignors. News and schedules also provided.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Harness Racing  > Stables and Training Centers 
  • Alpha Lodge - Small, family-owned and operated farm dedicated to stardardbred horses. Site presents news, sales list, and images.
  • Doug McIntosh Training Centre - Glimpses and description on center facilities with stable roster, breeding information, and contact particulars.
  • Showplace Farms - Detailed information on the farm's location and facilities. Events list and program overview also provided.
  • Spruce Haven Farm - Gallery of images showcasing the farm's facilities. Details on standardbreds and contact references also presented.
  • Wade Stable - Horse farm featuring facilities dedicated to harness racing. Site includes details on sales offerings and upcoming events.
  • Willey Standardbred Farm - Small family-owned horse farm specializes in breeding standardbred horses.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Services 
  • Weatherbys - Offers a wide range of services dedicated to the British horse racing industry. News and contact details also provided.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Services  > Bloodstock Agencies 
  • Ashcraft Farms - Breeders of thoroughbred and quarter horses. Site presents details on its sales offerings and yearlings.
  • London Thoroughbred Services - Details the beginnings of the company including information on its sales offerings and management services.
  • Long Grove Bloodstock - Offers equine services for the public and private thoroughbred industry. Site includes news and sales list.
  • New Zealand Bloodstock - Company profile with sales list, race results, news, and contact details.
  • Patrick Barbe - Information on the bloodstock agent including details on its sales offerings and services.
  • Randwick Bloodstock Agency - Full-service bloodstock agency specializes in buying and selling of broodmares. Site includes a buyer's guide and client testimonials.
  • Warrendale Sales - Thoroughbred horse sales agency. Site comes with consignment details and online forms.
  • West Point Thoroughbreds - Caters to thoroughbred horse racing and ownership needs. Presents trainer profiles, accomplishment records, and news.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Tracks 
  • Retama Park - Overview of park facilities together with racing information, results, and betting tips.
  • Sam Houston Race Park - Homepage of the racing facility presenting information on racecards, programs, and players services.
  • Santa Anita Park - Database of racing park information covering details on entries, race results, programs, and promotion calendar.
  • Hawthorne Racecourse - Contains racecourse information with details on racing events, results, and tickets.
  • Suffolk Downs - Racing information with schedules, results, and contact details.
  • Tampa Bay Downs - Thoroughbred racing facility and casino. Site offers race schedule, results, and ticket particulars.
  • Thistledown - Racing information include entries, results, programs, and tickets. Standings and booking details provided.
  • Turf Paradise - General information on the racecourse with details on entries, schedules, and results.
  • Turfway Park - Information on racecourse with details on entries, results, and charts.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Training and Facilities 
  • Ron Quinton Racing Stables - Overview of stable facilities with details on syndications and sales.
  • Sea Horse Sea Freight - Small company specializes in providing horse transportation services. Site provides information on agistment facilities and schedules.
Top  > Sports  > Martial Arts  > Schools and Instruction  > Asia 
Top  > Sports  > Martial Arts  > Schools and Instruction  > North America  > Canada 
  • Agatsu Martial Arts and Self Defense - Facilitates training programs for self-defense as well as for fitness. Comes with photo gallery and video clips.
  • Kumo Jiu Jitsu - Discipline primarily based on the fighting style of the spider and a combination of the Karate, Aikido, Drunken Kung Fu, Judo, and Jiu Jitsu martial art techniques.
  • Senshido - Provides an overview on the training facility as well as details on its seminars, workshops, and programs offered.
  • Ultimate Martial Arts - Contains mews, photo gallery, and schedule of trainings and classes.
Top  > Sports  > Martial Arts  > Schools and Instruction  > North America  > United States  > Arizona 
  • Academy of Martial Arts - Teaches Kenpo for self-defense as well as mixed martial arts and submission classes for enthusiasts.
  • Goshin Karate and Judo Academy - Facility dedicated to developing self-confidence and character through martial arts. With photos and details on classes offered.
  • Tucson Ving Tsun Academy - Contains news updates, pictures, price rates, and links to affiliated clubs and training facilities.
Top  > Sports  > Martial Arts  > Schools and Instruction  > North America  > United States  > California 
  • Briones Kajukenbo - Provides an overview on the facility as well as details on class schedules and history of Kajukenbo.
  • Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai - Facilitates training programs teaching the principles and techniques of the Japanese martial art.
  • Concrete Jungle Self Defense - Provides details on courses offered, links to related sources, and contact information.
  • Kapap Israeli Elite Combat - Presents an overview on the history of the facility and martial art. Comes with details on courses and discussion forum for enthusiasts.
  • Thunder Center Martial Arts - Teaches the Filipino martial arts discipline popularly known as Eskrima. Includes biographies and contact details.
Top  > Sports  > Martial Arts  > Schools and Instruction  > North America  > United States  > Florida 
  • Basic Instinct - Posts schedule of classes, price rates, tournament rules, and information on upcoming events.
  • Krav Magen - Facilitates instructional programs based on the Israeli self-defense techniques. Comes with photo gallery and information on classes offered.
  • Betty J. Pullum Family YMCA Martial Arts Club - Posts photos, news updates, related links, and details on upcoming events and tournaments.
  • Pensacola Martial Arts and Fitness Academy - Contains details on offered class schedules and upcoming events, photo gallery, and merchandise.
Top  > Sports  > Martial Arts  > Schools and Instruction  > North America  > United States  > New Jersey 
Top  > Sports  > Walking 
  • The Walking Site - Resource for details on the health benefits of the sport along with FAQs, recommended gears to use, and information on events and training programs.
  • Hiring in Western New York - Features various walking destinations in the state. Includes specifications of venues and contact information.
  • Wicklow Way - Presents an overview on the venue along with maps, publications, and list of available accommodations in the area.
Top  > Sports  > Walking  > Racewalking 
  • Erofit - Provides personalized training services and health products. With details on upcoming events and contact particulars.
  • RaceWalk - Resource for results of racewalking events held in the United States; also includes rankings and list of athletes that participated.
  • USA Track & Field: Racewalking - Contains profiles of athletes, performance lists, awards and recognitions, and competition results.

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