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  • Benedictine Women of Madison - Offers inclusive community for single women, retreat resources, and healing environment. Provides upcoming events list and contact details.
  • Blue Mountain Christian Retreat - Ministry offers various accommodations and nearby attractions. With photo gallery, rates, and season schedules.
  • Bon Secours Spiritual Center - Founded in 1824, ministry offers physical and spiritual healings. Provides program, retreats and events list, FAQs, and newsletters.
  • Calvary Pentecostal Compound - Hosts annual summer and winter campmeetings, and weekend revival gatherings. Details conventions, services and seminars.
  • Franciscan Renewal Center - Handles counseling, workshops, and retreats for community’s spiritual growth and development. With event, meeting and mass schedule updates.
  • Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos - Aims to strengthen individuals through various reflections, experiences, and events. With photo gallery, FAQs, and calendar updates.
  • Fireside Retreat Center - Offers atmosphere with various accommodation and facilities for events like weddings and family interactions. Details services, rates, and specials.
  • Kikridge Retreat and Study Center - Located in Kittatinny Ridge of Eastern Pennsylvannia, offers area for conferences and retreats, trips and study tours. Presents programs, facilities and photos.
  • Lebh Shomea House of Prayer - Christian community upholds contemplative-eremitical lifestyle and offers resources for various study and research. With history details and list of books.
  • Merroo Christian Centre - Provides leisure and recreational activities, farmstay packages, various facilities, accommodation and catering. With directions map and contact details.
  • National Christian Conference Center - Group focuses on evangelism, discipleship and outreach, and facilitates educational programs and conferences.
  • Paradise Valley Ranch - Offers various activity and facility, accommodations, and food services. With rate updates and direction details.
  • Schooley’s Mountain Christian Retreat - Facility caters to church conferences and family interactions, and provides series of activities.
  • Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Spirituality Center - Offers community retreats, prayer programs, therapy, outreach and reflections. With membership details, news and events update.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Community  > Intentional Communities 
  • AD33 Today - Group of people aims to revive the heart, spirit and lifestyle of disciples. Details settings, restrictions, timeline, and documentary.
  • Alleluia Community - Members are committed to promote and share common beliefs, values and culture. With outreach details, taped meetings, and photo gallery.
  • Broken Shackle Ranch, Inc. - Aims to guide and direct Christian youth to the right path through discipline and teachings. Provides history details, program specifics and FAQs.
  • Common Union Urban Monastic - Organic Community joins people through prayer and meditation. Presents music, art and related links.
  • Community of Celebration - Religious order established in the mid-1960, offers services to church and people. Includes ministry details and photo gallery.
  • Companion’s of St. Luke - Community upholds tradition, Lord’s services, and religious life. With FAQs, news and related documents.
  • Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community - Group of Christians committed to prayer, sharing and teaching of members, and lives under agreement before the Lord.
  • Families for Christ Community - Committed to family renewal and spiritual growth. With photo gallery and events calendar.
  • Family Life Community - Union of families and singles aims to evangelize and equip people with the Catholic teaching, skills and spirituality.
  • Intercessor of the Lamb - Develops and fosters hearts of God’s people through religious activities and teaching. Details summer conferences and ministries.
  • Jesus People USA - Community in Chicago began in 1972, functions as resource to the church and learning experience. With FAQs, history and program details.
  • New Creation Christian Community - Started in 1974, emphasizes godly relationship, culture and living. With articles, history, and publications.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Computers  > Software 
  • Bibleshop: Hebrew and Judaic Software - Presents various packages and specials on Biblical programs and codes. Includes brief description of products and prices.
  • Electronic Christian Media - Created in 1995, committed to inerrancy of the Holy Scripture. Offers various Biblical scroll and interactive study, and topical viewer.
  • - List of featured products includes Bible reference library, software, and publishers. With price details and specials.
  • Packard Technologies: - Features definitive e-book with libraries and list authors and works, Christian collection package and software of diverse themes.
  • Sermons the Web - Contains applications in Mp3 formats. With feature list, demo, and application details.
  • Trendy Bible - Software allows multiple windows and menu display, Lexicon, and word find.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Computers  > Software  > Bible 
  • Ages Digital Library - Features diverse products, new releases, series, downloads and specials. With pricing details and excerpts on specials.
  • Berean Bible - Freeware allows incremental searching, with tutorials, FAQs and tool-tips. Includes screenshot and slideshow.
  • Bible and Theology Discount Software - Helps user in studying the Scripture using computer applications and programs. Features product specials with price details and overview.
  • Bible Missionary - Program contains translations and facts illustrations, Scripture text and verses, and translations. Presents template, system requirements and trial versions.
  • BiblePromise - Integrated with Outlook Express product contains daily-changing Scripture verses. With download and registration details.
  • Bible Resource Systems - Offers integrated software with several translations, study aids, references, libraries and dictionary. Lists services and products.
  • Bible Software Review - Repository of tips, articles, and reviews on various applications, programs and products. Includes interviews and forum.
  • Bible Tech Group: OSIS - Provides format in facilitating distribution, production and keeping of Bible records and materials. With new releases and product overview.
  • BiblePlayer - Software applicable to iPod uses Mp3 format for audio translations of Bible and devotionals. With screenshots and reviews.
  • Biblesoft - Helps in searching, exploring, unlocking and studying the Bible. Presents version releases and specials.
  • BibleWorks - Software program for exposition and research. With overview on the product, video introduction, screenshots, packages, modules and reviews.
  • The Chan - Christian resource on various materials and products for palm OS, Microsoft Windows, and pocket PCs.
  • Cross Country Software - Presents releases of products like Windows, Macintosh, and Windows pocket online Bible.
  • Datacute Concordance - Tool for Bible word searches shows list and index of references and translations. With feature list and product overview.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Computers  > Software  > Bible  > Bible Study 
  • Bible Family Tree - Christian resource provides access to detailed biblical maps, timeline, and reports. With directories, related links and forum.
  • Ellis Bible Library - Provides compilation of Bibles and reference texts, translations and studies. With daily devotionals and product list.
  • Bible Point - Tool includes self-contained lessons, multiple slides, and teacher's notes. With list of product releases.
  • BibleWorkshop International - Study software contains commentaries, dictionaries and related materials. With trial versions and module list.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Computers  > Software  > Church Management 
  • Acolyte Technologies - Software developer provides solutions and products to Christian groups and organizations. Offers church and school management, and account system.
  • ACS Technologies - Founded in 1978, provides management solutions, software, and support. Details products and services.
  • Ascribe - Develop abilities of churches to shepherd people through technological system and applications. Presents products with pricing details.
  • By the Book - Provides management solutions since 1991. Lists products, services and support.
  • Church Management Software - Features program for attendance, fund accounting and event registration applications. Lists products, downloads and training overview.
  • Church Books - Management software solution tracks fund contribution, accounting data and various reports. With product overview and price details.
  • Church Community Builder - Offers web-based management software that runs weekly attendance, event scheduling, and record keeping. With FAQs and product listing.
  • Church Growth Software - Designed by Beth and Scott Erlenborn to track major and minor records. Provides demo, pricing details and updates.
  • Help Mate Technology Solutions - Designed and built for membership database system, and attendance and contribution tracking. Provides product list, service details and resources.
  • Church Insight System - Content management and administration application developed by Endis Ltd.
  • Faith Partnership Technologies - Offers administrative capabilities, management, and record keeping and tracking. Provides price details, benefit list, FAQ and demo.
  • Church Management Solutions - List of features includes membership, attendance, outreach and payroll applications. With product online tour.
  • FlockBase: Church Membership Software - Application used for tracking membership and contribution records. With list of benefits and features, and screenshots.
  • Church Office - Used by small or big parishes for various administrative and pastoral needs. Includes software overview and testimonials.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Organizations  > Renewal Movements  > Koinonia 
  • Southern Colorado Koinonia - Provides system to develop personal renewal through weekend conferences and courses. With history details, prayer requests and events calendar updates.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Organizations  > Renewal Movements  > Tres Dias 
  • Birmingham Tres Dias - Provides an adult weekend for the purpose of strengthening faith and discipleship. Details activity, history and community concerns.
  • Central Florida Tres Dias - Lay-led movement provides weekend of developed activities and teachings. With community overview and list of upcoming events.
  • Central Georgia Tres Dias - Concentrate on exploring Christian beliefs and spiritual encounter with God. Details history, weekend events, and prayer requests.
  • Cumberland Valley Tres Dias - Inter-denominational event aims to develop Christian leaders within their families or community. Provides FAQs, newsletter and related links.
  • East Texas Tres Dias - Renewal movement emphasizes and encourages evangelization among Christians. With salvation message, weekend details, and news.
  • Georgia Mountains Tres Dias - Updates men and women’s weekend schedules, prayer support forum, newsletter and member’s change of address.
  • Gulf Coast Tres Dias - Concentrates in getting Christians be acquainted with Jesus and his teachings. Provides update on team meetings and Secuelas.
  • Indy Tres Dias - Ecumenical movement centers lay and clergy talks, and drives to strengthen faith and discipleship. With event updates, weekend photos, and training details.
  • Mid Carolinas Tres Dias - Interdenominational seeks to get adults closer to Jesus Christ. Details the 3-day weekend structure and updates calendar of events.
  • Middle Tennessee Tres Dias - Adult weekend is designed to provide group discussions, time for sharing and fellowship, prayers, music and fun. Includes photo gallery of events.
  • Mid Hudson Tres Dias - Holds weekend to revitalize Christian leadership, community sharing, and unity. With list of requirements needed for the event.
  • North Florida Tres Dias - Details Secuelas, weekend activities, newsletters and prayer requests. Also posts gallery of photos and events calendar.
  • North Texas Tres Dias - Offers renewal experiences and encouragements of Christian lives. With FAQs, application details and events calendar.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Organizations  > Renewal Movements  > Vida Nueva 
  • Vida Nueva - Ecumenical retreat weekend involves group dynamics and series of activities, and employs Christian instructions.
  • Central Georgia Vida Nueva - 3-day activity helps develop Christian confidence and knowledge. With news and contact details.
  • Central Tennessee Vida Nueva - Updates weekend news, victory gathering, and application details. With photos and forms.
  • Ukraine Vida Nueva - Team provides trips and weekends with full of Christian teachings and explorations.
  • North Georgia Vida Nueva - Provides application details, list of upcoming weekends, events and announcement updates and related links.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Organizations  > Renewal Movements  > Vocare 
  • Vocare International Inc. - Young adult ministry provides weekend of games, reflections and discussions. With events list, committee updates and related links.
  • Diocese of Newark Online - Calls to transform Christian youth lives and provide weekend experience for personal renewal. With calendar of events, directory and resources.
  • Vocare-Cornerstone in the Diocese of Mississippi - Handles renewal weekend to young adults aging 19 to 29-years-old. Updates event schedules and photo gallery.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > People  > Native Americans 
  • Rising Above - Raises awareness on the effects of Aboriginal abuse and provides biblical teaching and counseling. With fund raising details, resources and conference updates.
  • Published Arrow - Promotes cultural perspective and encourages faith of people in Jesus. Provides directory, events list, program details and resources.
  • On Eagles’ Wings - Ministry encourages and equips Native American young people with the teaching and word of Jesus. Details conferences, reports and prayer kit.
  • Native Praise - Band ministers Gospel in music since 1997. Provides photo gallery, music details and schedule updates.
  • Native Harvest Inc. - Establishes fellowship, develops friendship, and provides training and opportunities. With schedule updates and contact details.
  • Native America Baptist Ministries in Oklahoma - Spreads the word of God through several association and ministries, conferences, and fellowships. Feature photo album and churches.
  • Indian Bible College - Committed to the development of indigenous Christians and churches. Includes admission details, events calendar and related links.

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