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  Top  > Society  > Issues  > Business  > Corporate Accountability 
  • Corp Watch - News, issue discussions, and blogs offer hints or critical information on influential corporate activity.
  • Essential Action - Calls for support to the anti-scofflaw regulation. With answers to frequently asked questions and comments.
  • As You Sow - Publicizes current initiatives that promote corporate social responsibility and environmental enforcement.
  • Better Business Bureau of Mainland - Search tool and directory to finding company reports, buyers' tips, job estimates; and filing complaints.
  • Coop America - Guide to fair trading, social advertising, and doing green business. With a collection of resources including corporate profiles and fair trade products.
  • Business in the Community - Get to know this movement of over 700 top UK companies which seek to improve their positive impact on the society. Go over the program details and events info.
  • Ceres - Site of a coalition of investors and environmentalists for sustainable prosperity. Presents program details, news, and event schedules.
  • Corporate Accountability Project - Features an archive of "corporate dirt," presents a directory of researching corporations, and provides articles on corporate welfare and media.
  • Corporate Governance - Resource for companies to find tools or guides to good governance and accountability. Includes news, commentaries, and forums.
  • Essential Action - Resource for companies to pursue efforts in corporate accountability. Contains news, articles, reports, and studies.
  • Ethical Performance - Independent business newsletter on corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment.
  • European Corporate Governance Institute - Presents the Institute's membership and services. With downloadable working paper series.
  • Fair Labor Association - Contains featured annual corporate reports, news, various codes of conducts in different countries, and notes to transparent public reporting.
  • Initiative Against Economic Globalisation - Provides news, calls for anti-globalization action, and links to pages of related content.
  • The International Corporate Sustainability Reporting - Features company reports and allows for sustainability report downloads.
  • International Labor Rights Fund - Presents information on the Funds works for advancing justice in the global economy. With details of projects, news, press releases, and action alerts.
Top  > Society  > Issues  > Business  > Human Rights 
  • The Corporate Examiner - Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility's publication examining US company practices that directly or indirectly affect their employees.
  • Human Rights Compliance - Information about the services of this consultancy, auditing, and monitoring services company. With notes on the benefits of social compliance.
  • Twenty Fifty - Offers consultancy, training, and leadership services for businesses on human rights and sustainability.
Top  > Society  > Issues  > Business  > Human Rights  > Sweatshops 
  • Behind the Label - Global campaign news cites the brand names or labels responsible for the international sweatshop crisis.
  • Center for Civil Society and Governance - Overview of the Center's projects and reports. With staff profiles.
  • Child Slave Labor News - Publicizes the worsening case of child labor. With an archive of articles, news, and links to sites of related content.
  • Clean Clothes Campaign - Learn about the principles and go over the featured photos of this group that advocates for the improvement of the working conditions of employees working in the garment and shoe industry.
  • Garment Worker Center - Presents news, campaign details, press releases, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Maquila Solidarity Network - Offers action tools that aid the call for a stop to sweatshop abuses.
  • Micro Revolt - Lays various petitions that call for justice in the sweatshop setting. With interviews, blogs, and other related presentations.
  • The National Mobilization Against Sweatshops - Contains information on the Group's current campaigns, events, and projects. With news, an online store, and notes to policy demands.
  • No Sweat - Profiles the anti-sweatshop and child labor campaigns of this UK based organization. With topical discussions, news, and downloads.
  • Unite Here - Outlines the basics of the abuse-proneness predicaments of people working in sweatshops.
  • Sweat - View documentary that treks into the life and working situations sweatshop workers in a Nike Factory in Indonesia.
  • Stopping Sweatshops: The View from the Main Street - Introduces the collaborative works of US retailers to stop sweatshops by boycotting their products for retail.
  • Sweat Free Communities - Provides campaign news, events updates, and various pertinent resources - including a directory of "sweatfree" product vendors and downloadable sweatfree model codes of conduct.
  • Verite - Information about the client services, programs, and researches of Verite - an independent labor rights monitoring organization.
  • Worker Rights Consortium - Imposes labor codes of conducts that are deemed to protect laborers from abusive or non-hospitable working conditions. Provides a factory assessment program as well.
Top  > Society  > Issues  > Business  > Media 
  • BGH Bulletin - Discloses lawsuits related to media cover-ups on suspected dangers in milk.
  • Take Back the Media - Features an mp3 of the song "Secret Agent Plame" and the DVD set of the "Roves War.".
  • The TV Project - Reformist move for a change in the American outlook towards television. Presents helps for parents, testimonials, and recommended readings.
  • Treasure State Review - Online version of a Montana periodical devoted to journalism and justice. Features a collection of stories and articles.
  • What's Wrong With the Local News - Tackles media related problems from both financial and legal perspectives. With a huge collection of resources.
  • Broadcasters' Public Service - Cites the contributions of the public service industry to the society. With surveys, news, and photos.
Top  > Society  > Issues  > Business  > Media  > Bias and Balance 
  • CBS's Goldberg Exposes Leftist Media Bias - Highlights the book "Bias; A CBS Insider Exposes Hoe the Media Distort the News," by Bernard Goldberg of CBS.
  • Fair Press - Web presence of a citizens' coalition for responsible media. Aims to fight media bias.
  • Coloring the News - William McGowan discusses the how's of political correctness corrupting American journalism.
  • Counterbias - Features articles, counterbias columnist profiles, book reviews, blogs, and answers to the top questions about media bias.
  • Fear and Favor in the Newsroom - Features a documentary on media bias with descriptions and reviews.
  • Philly ZOA - Features the radio show "The ZOA Middle East Report," where stories about the Israel and Middle East conflicts are presented.
  • Media Lens - Presents media alerts, blogs, cogitations, a message board, and disscusion forum threads.
  • Media Matters for America - Learn about the misinformation in the American media through the issue discussions, topical articles, and blogs presented in this site.
  • Media Monitors Network - A media watchdog group that aims to monitor media biases. Includes featured articles, columns, and photos.
  • Media Review Network - Contains news highlights, cartoons, book reviews, letters, maps, and various other articles that foster the cause of dissipating the stereotypes on Islam and Muslims in the media.
  • News Bias Explored - Seeks to educate the public of the "art of reading the (unbiased) news." Presents the various forms of media bias.
  • Project Censored - Features top censorship stories in the media. Censorship here relates to the gross airing or broadcast withholding of various sensitive issues.
  • Rathergate - Posts blogs that present opinions on the various issues related to broadcasts with unauthenticated content.
  • Sinclair Watch - Aggresses the alleged manipulative hand of the Sinclair Broadcast Group on its viewers. Sinclair is the US' largest TV station owner.
  • TV News Lies - Exposes reports, issues, and stories that are not normally aired in the mainstream media.
  • What Liberal Media? - Features Eric Alterman's book "What Liberal Media." With an introduction, review, author profile, and a list of books of the similar line.
Top  > Society  > Issues  > Human Rights  > Freedom of the Press 
  • Canadian Journalists for Free Expression - Site of a non-governmental organization advocating for free expression. Presents news, project works info, publications, and media releases.
  • Committee to Protect Journalists - Information page linking press freedom endeavors worldwide. Posts news and presents an archive of journalist killing and harassment cases.
  • Freedom Info - Web presence of a network of advocates for freedom of information. Presents global surveys, case studies, news, reports, and analyses.
  • International Press Institute - Supports a global network of editors, media executives, and journalists - for the advancement and protection of press freedom. Public statements, a world press freedom review, and related links presented.
  • Press Freedom Index - Examine how countries fare in their respective press and expression freedom scenarios.
  • The Reporters Committee for Freedon of the Press - Portal to legal assistance for journalists, reporters, and news organizations.
  • Reporters Without Borders - Update and help page for fostering freedom of the press and expression. Presents news and press freedom repression stats.
  • World Press Freedom Committee - Hosts information related to the activities, programs, and press freedom efforts of some 45 journalistic groups (consolidate under the World Press Feedom Committee).
Top  > Society  > Issues  > Violence and Abuse  > Media 
  • About Face - Get to know the offenders and winners of the media circus.
  • Children and Television Violence - Presents document abstracts, quotations, news, commentaries, and links to other sites of interest.
  • Media Violence - Essay relating the effects of violence in video games and the media.
  • The Lion and Lamb Project - Learn about this anti-violence initiative that focuses on curbing the bad effects of violent toys and media materials to children.
  • The Media Theory Site - Offers social theories for enthusiastic fans of popular culture. Covers toys, hobbies, and media influences.
  • Rocky Mountain Media Watch - Features Paul Klite's article on TV news and the culture of violence. With various other related texts and press releases.
  • Children, Youth, and Family Consortium - Portal to a wide range of resources and information about children and families - researches, teachings, policies, and information on online practices. Presented by the University of Minnesota.
  • Violence, Public Health, and the Media - Presents Margaret Gerteis' article as based on the conference "Mass Communication and Social Agenda", includes a short author profile.
  • Violent Media Is Good for Kids - Commentary by Gerard Jones claims that there are more benefits than drawbacks derived from violent games, shows, and other media.

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