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  • Marmite: Love It or Hate It? - Official Marmite site presents sections for those who love Marmite and for those who hate it. Includes recipes, fan club and merchandise.
  • The Marmite FAQ - Features the answers to frequently asked questions about Marmite, including its advertising campaigns, history and ingredients.
  • The Marmite Story - Gives an overview of Marmite's history and charts recent developments in the product range.
  • The Guardian: 100 Years of Marmite - Features an article written to celebrate one hundred years of Marmite history.
  • The Independent: Marmite - How Do You Eat Yours? - Offers an article on the flurry of readers' letters to the Independent newspaper debating the merits or otherwise of Marmite.
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  • Human Powered Expeditions - Index of biking, kayaking, climbing and hiking travelogues from around the world submitted by users. Free registration allows you to post comments.

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