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  • IBC Support - An IBC help and support page. Includes treatment information, an FAQ, an IBC support mailing list created for both women with IBC and their loved ones, patient stories, and an IBC resource collection.
  • The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation - An organization of individuals who have been touched by IBC promoting IBC research and providing comprehensive information and support for women with IBC. Includes a newsletter, three email lists, IBC patient stories, IBC news, links, and an IBC Mini Symposium (2004) with presentations available.
  • CancerLynx: Inflammatory Breast Cancer - Information on inflammatory breast cancer, from Patti Bradfield, mother of an IBC patient.
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer Registries - Information on two IBC registries: the George Washington University Medical Center IBC Registry, and the Tufts/New England Medical Center IBC Registry. Information provided by Anne Preston, Inflammatory Breast Cancer Help Website.
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer Help Website - Comprehensive IBC support site, with extensive treatment information, a help forum, stories, links, an email list, FAQ, and much more.
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  • Health Centered Dentistry - Unique approach to health care, wedding cutting-edge science, practical function and esthetics. Provides up-to-date information on dental topics from bonding to biocompatibility.

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