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  • Holistic Home - Home of the English- and German-language roleplaying games for those who play and are interested in the Fading Suns universe.
  • Living Room Games - Publishes Earthdawn RPG, Complete Mafia d20, CAPCOM World Tournament, and Digital Burn.
  • MAC-CONUS Games - Houses RPG set in 2015: Second American Revolution (Restoring The Constitution).
  • Mystic Station Designs - Scan over available utilities and medieval games from the publishers of Chivalry and Sorcery, and Bits Traveller.
  • Palladium Books Online - Offers several Roleplaying games of Kevin Siembieda including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heroes Unlimited.
  • RPGObjects - Depicts RPG that settings in the far-flung future.
  • SSDC - Publishes two games: Battlelords of the 23rd Centtury and Blood Dawn transporting players to other worlds.
  • Steamlogic - Developed Mechanical dream RPG, game set with fantasy.
  • 9th Level - Makers of the Kobolds RPG gives updates, news and product information on this site.
  • Three Fates Gaming - Made expansions and revisions of the game Monsters Ravage America.
  • Valiant Games - Aims to create detailed worlds that players will have fun journeying in.
  • Wingnut Games - Know for making inexpensive, humorous games like OG and Battle Cattle.
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  • Allen Varney - Includes published works and games created by writer/game designer Allen Varney.
  • Amanda Dickerson - Introduces the author behind the game Deade Sea Murder.
  • BlackWyrm Games - Offers support, supplements and services for several existing RP games.
  • Entertainment Plus More - Lists their play-by-mail, play-by-email, web-based and turn-based games RPG products which includes Adventurers Guild and Deathsgate.
  • M.J. Young Net - Includes works of the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. Contains online resource of the game also.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Live Action  > Conventions and Events Planning 
  • Solmukohta - Meets role players in a nordic convention to exchange ideas and tips.
  • Barking Spider Productions - Maintains LARP game's information including posts of past and upcoming LARP events.
  • Enigma - Presents situations involving players riding in limousines in the light of James Bond movies.
  • Interactivities Ink - Sells limited LARP and RPG materials.
  • Mystery In Mind - Runs and organizes murder mysteries and LARP events throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Mystic Realms - Organizes interactive drama in a roleplaying situation depicting theatric fun.
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Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Live Action  > Fantasy  > Europe 
  • The Cuckoo's Nest - Find information about the club, the current status of the game world, and the venues where they play plus lots of other features and resources.
  • Dummnoni Chronicles - Archives facts on the game with fairy lands motif plus picture galleries and events list.
  • Faded Glory - Runs LARP events. Read also their rule books and learn how to join their events.
  • Heroes and Heroines - Roleplaying club producing non-profit fantasy LARP events of which is based in Staffordshire.
  • Large Drewes - Brews up artworks, information and films regarding LARP games including hosting LARP events.
  • Portly Pixie - View contact information and video of soft weapons made for kids and adults.
  • Rising Of Chaos - Brings out basic information for LARPing in the fantasy world of Vaklam.
  • Spearhead LRP - Chooses well-written high-adventure LARP adventures in its campaigns through player action.
  • The Underdark - Features facts about the Drow, evil elements of the game, to understand the LARP better.
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Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Live Action  > Science Fiction 
  • Atlas Adventures - Presents adventure, exploration and mystery in its LARP game set in 1911 Morocco.
  • CyberCity C.S.M. - Tells about the group of CyberCity gamers and their games.
  • Faded Empire - Fully interactive, gothic science-fantasy Live-Roleplaying game set in an Empire of 62 Dynastic families.
  • IKF Interface - Hosts betleh tournaments for Klington fans. Creates rules and venues for the set LARP games.
  • SINergy LARP - Provides basic information for LARP gamers in a game of cooperative interaction.
  • System Override - Plays Cybrpunk 2020 LARP games. Houses forums for player's interaction.
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  • Gamerz Edge - Offers the latest video game related news and reviews of new games on all major console platforms.

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