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  • Computational Geometry Algorithms Library - Gives tested geometric algorithms for academic or industrial purposes in Cpp format.
  • Code Cogs - Scientific library with open source of science, mathematics, engineering and finance. Includes collection of contributions of member programmers of the site.
  • Sourceforge - Source of many usable libraries for use of web programmers.
  • Professional Cpp CGI Development Libraries - Reservoir of open source core libraries to provide the information about CGI applications that programmers need.
  • Script Plus Plus Library - Repository of various Cpp classes specializing on string classes.
  • - Open Source core library specializes on object serialization or persistence in Cpp language.
  • Fox Toolkit - Collection of platforms with a tool that may be used for 3D obects.
  • GNU Aspell - Open source library that focuses on checking spellings and providing suggestions of replacement for misspelled words.
  • DC Micro Development - CGI class library concerned in HTML tags using Cpp objects.
  • InteLib - Cpp class library that allows programmers to do lisp programming in a Cpp environment.
  • Object Oriented Template Library for Cpp - Free all-purpose Cpp library developed by famous Cpp author Christopher Doggins.
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  • Blitz PlusPlus - Scientific library offering object-oriented computing in balance with Fortran 77/90.
  • Matrix TCL Pro - Avail of full source codes in this matrix Cpp template class library designed for operating matrix algebra using Cpp programs.
  • Large Number Class - Made for fast equations of large numbers using Cpp language.
  • Newmat Cpp Matrix Library - Allows manipulations of various matrix types. Site is especially designed for scientists and engineers wanting to ease their load in matrices.
  • - Provides links on libraries and resources designed for scientific computing using CPP objects.
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  • DevX: Past C/Cpp 10 minute Solutuions - Specializes on numeric datatypes, templates, and statistical problems.
  • Cpp glossary - Shows definitions of common Cpp classes.
  • Cpp - Thorough discussion about Cpp pitfalls and what to do with them.
  • - Contains C and Cpp resources plus tips, advices, and quiaaes to further test one’s knowledge in the language.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > C++  > Help and Tutorials  > C++ Introductions 
  • Objective Viewpoint - Gives exhaustive introduction about Cpp and Java.
  • Cpp Language Tutorial - Gives online guide on Cpp from its basic states to the newest updates of ANSCI-Cpp.
  • Programming Tutorials - Tutorials for both C and Cpp languages plus STL and OpenGL tutorials and libraries.
  • EDM/2: Cpp Introduction - 13-part tutorial on Cpp programming written by Bjorn Fahller.
  • FunctionX: Cpp - Gives facts on how Cpp works with the compiler and the computer. E-book of the tutorial is available for download.
  • Cpp Language and Library - Provides explanation on Cpp language’s features. Also includes Cpp library for resource.
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  • All Experts: Cpp - Ask a Cpp expert about the program language.
  • Alt.comp.lang.learn.c-cpp - Gives Cpp application frameworks in addition to its FAQ segment.
  • Cpp FAQ Lite - Segregates topic questions according to what is asked by region. FAQ available in 10 languages.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > C++  > Help and Tutorials  > Special Problems 
  • Cpp Programming for Scientists - Has course notes that are exportable to PDF, programming examples, and scientific library examples provided by Roldan Pazo and Karin Remington.
  • Parameters - Delves on three ways one can refer to a data object in Cpp.
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Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > C++  > Personal Pages 
  • Cpp Blog - Discusses two languages: C and Cpp, states their differences and allows tips to guide programmers with Cpp everyday.
  • Ian Online - Collection of programming tools available self-written by the author of the site.
  • Rajeh’s C Vault - Displays links and articles that can help in understanding Cpp better.
  • Rohith’s Website - Includes Cpp topics created for HSE students of Kerala.
  • - Browse over Cpp source code and snippets for different Programming libraries.

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