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  Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Web Design and Development  > Promotion  > Link Popularity  > Reciprocal Links 
  • - Offering a free reciprocal link exchange directory.
  • Link Market - Features free reciprocal links.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Operating Systems  > CPM 
  • Commercial CP/M Software Archive - Compilation of commercial software for CP/M. Contains downloadables, documentation and submission guidelines.
  • Commodore and CP/M - Provides technical information on Commodore's implementation of CP/M, with links to other sources.
  • CP/M Center - Contains links to several CP/M resources including manuals, downloads and FAQs.
  • Joe Wein's DRI - Portal to information on CP/M and Microsoft topics as well as some notes from the founder of digital research.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Operating Systems  > Unix  > A-UX 
  • A/UX FAQ Index - Access to list of categorized questions and answers for A/UX with descriptions.
  • A/UX Penelope - Provides detailed information on hardware and software requirements for the A/UX, includes sample screenshots of the application.
  • Apache on A/UX Performance Hints - Describes simple performance of boosts and hints for running Apache under A/UX.
  • Apple A/UX 3.x.x Related Mini Archive - Contains pre-compiled binaries for Apple A/UX. Discusses how to compile and create directories.
  • A/UX 3.0 Installation - Explains about partitioning A/UX disk, with installation instructions.
  • Netfreak's A/UX Experience - Offers a discussion of the installation of A/UX on an individual's system. Includes screenshots, resources and system information.
  • Unix on a Mac? Really? - Explains on A/UX and MachTen differences, with brief overview.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Operating Systems  > Unix  > Solaris  > Administration 
  • Unix Serial Port Resources - Contains articles about Sun related serial port and console issues with links and brief descriptions.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Operating Systems  > x86 
  • Domainatrix - Intel/MD x86 architecture operating system, with list of features.
  • HanoiOS - Implementation of Hanoi OS for x86. Includes downloadable files, source archive and sample screenshot of applications.
  • Mobius Operating System: SourceForge - IA-32 platform open-source OS, compatible with POSIX and Win32. Includes references and sample screenshots of application with brief descriptions.
  • ScottsNewOS - Features an OS with a graphical user interface that was designed to run on as little as four megabytes of RAM.
  • SkyOS - Operating system written for x86-based personal computers. Contains documentation, forum, news and FAQs.
  • Synapse Operating Services - Intended to run on x86-64 with some changes. Provides project details and news.
  • Visopsys - Alternative OS for PC-compatible, free software and licensed under GNU GPL. Includes news, change log and files for download with descriptions.
  • XAOS - Operating system that runs on Intel 386+ processors. Plus technical information and downloadables with brief descriptions.

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