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  • Genesis Plastics Welding - A provider of contract plastics welding and manufacturing, specializing in the radio frequency heat sealing of custom thermoplastic products.
  • Harshaw Research, Inc. - Specializing in patent engineering and product development.
  • ATech Designs, Inc. - Provides product design and development, machine design polymer selection detail drafting, finite element analysis and manufacturing.
  • APM Corporation - Providing engineering and manufacturing, specializing in assembly and injection molding.
  • R2FACT Inc. Product Development - Providing development; design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing for your product.
  • Rocky Mountain Product Development, Inc. - Offering mechanical engineering, design engineering, product development, part design and consulting.
  • Wellspring Design & Product Development - Works with existing products to look for improvements and quality through analysis and testing.
  • MEC Innovation - Providing electronics product development, rapid prototyping, contract manufacturing, PCB design, PCB layout and PCB assembly operations.
  • Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc. - Providing mechanical engineering design and consulting for product development and consultation projects.
  • Hatch Product Development - Providing patent research and competitive analysis, manufacturing method selection and product design and solid modeling.
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  • Triton Commerce - Provides design, eCommerce design, marketing, SEO, SMO, and consulting services.
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  • - Offers a selection of costumes an accessories for Halloween and theme parties. Also offers lingerie, shoes, and party supplies.
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  • Dr Lin Direct - Celebrity dermatologist provides video reviews for featured skin care brands including Clarisonic, BioCorneum, Matis Skin, Murad, Dermalogica, PCA Skin, and more.
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  • Cable TV - Consumers can compare cable TV packages, offers, and deals from multiple competitors.
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  • Industrial Diesel Generators - Sells open and enclosed generators of 10-2000kw. Includes 40kw SDMO diesel generators powered by John Deere, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and Cummins.
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