Motorsports SCCA Auto Racing Central Division in the Best of the Web Directory

Motorsports SCCA Auto Racing Central Division

  • Badlands Region

    Presents news articles discussing updates and competition reviews of events held within North Dakota area. Includes related links and list of officials.

  • Blackhawk Valley Region

    Highlights posted news articles providing updates on the result of organized activities. Includes contact information and membership details.

  • Central Kentucky Region

    Posts announcement of activities, event updates and information on the implemented policies for the organized competitions.

  • Chicago Region

    Index of scheduled race events presented with motoring updates and membership details provided as well.

  • Cincinnati SCCA

    Contains record of points from competitions held in the covered local area. Provides discussions, meeting announcements and club details.

  • Detroit Region

    Cites the membership procedures for the chapter organization. Provides index of scheduled events, discussions and classification of various activities.

  • Great River Region

    Engaged in organizing race events in the Quad City area within Illinois and nearby locations. Discusses the autocross competitions held.

  • Indiana Northwest Region

    Details the different racing class supported by the chapter group including solo and road rallies. Provides discussions and index of race records.

  • Indianapolis Region

    Highlights details of scheduled race events with registration forms provided. Contains an archive of news articles.

  • Iowa Region

    Cites the organized competitions focusing on Solo II races. Includes an index of upcoming events to happen in the sanctioned locality.

  • Land O’ Lakes Region

    Announces changes and updates on the chapter club’s scheduled events with discussions and race classification presented.

  • Northern Ohio Valley Region

    Administers autocross events in the covered local area. Includes record of standings, pictures and registration details for recent competitions.

  • Northwestern Ohio Region

    Indicates schedule of upcoming events sanctioned by the chapter. Shows pictures from events, statistical data on points and contact information.

  • Ohio Valley Region

    Outlines the functions and various activities of the local chapter in organizing race competitions. Also features news articles and meeting announcements.

  • Sagina Valley Region

    Index of scheduled events presented as well as record from past competitions, membership information and event details.

  • South Bend Region

    Highlights collection of news articles containing reviews and updates on racing events. Provides results from organized races and registration procedures for upcoming competitions.

  • Southern Indiana Region

    Membership information provided for the local chapter’s activities. Provides an archive of newsletters, record of points and meeting announcements.

  • Southern West Virginia Region

    Registration procedures provided for the organized events of the organization. Indexes drivers who have won in the competitions and discussions.

  • Western Michigan Region

    Archive of pictures presented as well as race records providing an overview of finished championships. Includes links to relevant sources.

  • Western Ohio Region

    Updates on organized race competitions presented with list of officials, meeting details and discussions provided for participants.

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