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Tae Kwon Do Organizations

Action International Martial Arts Association

Shows information about history of AIMAA, Grandmaster's profile, martial art matrials online shop and links to related schools.

Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo

Offers inside information about program overview, schedule of tournaments and events, provides Dan certification, AAU rules and regulation and profiles of the officials and coaches.

American Karate and Tae Kwon Do Organization

Discusses information on list of Dan members, schedule of classes, related articles, books and videos.

American Taekwondo Association

Features pro shop, details on the tournament schedules, martial art schools and media gallery.

Choi Kwang Do

Provides detailed listings about wellness program, martial art standards and ethics.

FLAM Taekwondo

Features organizational structure, including its directory, membership info and calendar of events.

GTF Taekwondo-Do

Offers pattern movies, blogs about taekwondo and country links.

International Taekwon-Do Association

Shows information about history of the art of self defense, including its' terminologies, Dojang etiquette and other useful information.

International Taekwon-Do Federation Hong Kong

Provides details on federation history, latest news, members profile, details on the Dojangs and FAQs.

Michigan Tae Kwon Do

Features school locations, tournament schedules and discussion forum.

Taekwondo Australia Inc.

Features information like schedule of events, membership forms, details on the policies and the board.

UA Chung Do Kwan Association

Discusses information on membership info, provides online pro shop, taekwondo news and events.

Unified Taekwon-Do

Features information on seven Tenets, UTI training manual and details on the membership.

US Taekwondo Federation

Provides a list of officers, organization news, schedule of seminars and competition results.

World Jidokwan Federation

Features information on Taegeuk and Palgwe forms, as well as history and photo gallery.

Yon Chi Taekwon-Do

Discusses information on a national, non-profit organization, featuring affordable dues and an emphasis on inegrity, teaching and support of its member schools.

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