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Wushu Kung Fu

Aiping Tai Chi and Wudang Kung Fu Academy

Strives to provide classes in Wushu based on the teachings of Grandmaster Aiping Cheng.


Serves as resource page for tracking new Chinese and international martial arts competitions.

The Dragon Phoenix Wushu Team

Student organization in Ohio State University. Includes profile and gallery of images and video clips.

Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak

Exhibition and full contact martial arts, incorporating Lion and Dragon dances. Shares organization history, mission and vision, rules, events, and history of Wushu. Sarawak, Malaysia.

Shao Li Wushu

Provides an overview about the martial arts academy along with schedule of classes and video clips.

Shaolin Wushu Center

Seeks to provide classes in Gongfu and Taiji. Comes with news and various photos.

Shouyu Liang Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute

Focuses on increasing awareness regarding ancient Chinese medicine and martial arts.

St-Petersburg Sporting Wushu Federation

Displays news, gallery of photos, and other related facts about the organization.

Texas Wushu

Presents a group of Austin students that focuses on practicing the art of Kung Fu.

Wushu Center and TGL Books

Serves as resource page for finding books and videos related to the Chinese martial arts.

Wushu Central – Martial Arts Academy

Provides information on schedule, course offerings for various age groups, instructors and contacts.

Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy

Offers classes in Kung Fu and Tai Chi for all types of learners.

Wushu One Family

Contains several videos of the sport, as well as photos and other information.

Wushu One Family

Compiles videos and articles related to the Wushu Kung Fu style.

Wushu West

Aims to provide classes in contemporary Wushu. Comes with various photos and contact information.

Wushu West

Site contains photos, videos and forums of the wushu school in Berkeley, California.

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