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Kung Fu Martial Arts

  • Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy

    Features a traditional Shaolin style that gives emphasis on the development of hand and upper body techniques.

  • ChinaFromInside.com

    Contains material on some kung fu styles, like taiji, bagua, xinyi-xingyi, news and updates.

  • Daoist Palms System

    Provides insights about the high level Kung Fu system.

  • International Kungfu Electronic Mailing List

    Fosters discussions on different traditional Chinese martial arts.

  • Iron Crane Dojo

    Serves as resource page to gain insights about Gun Fu and related martial arts.

  • Jow Ga Kung Fu Athletic Association

    Focuses on teaching the art of Kung Fu as one way to develop skills in self-defense.

  • North American Tang Shou Tao

    Provides information on the institution, the course offerings that include martial and healing arts, news and more.

  • Northern Shaolin Academy

    Offers information on the academy, classes which include a miscellany of kung fu styles, class schedules and links.

  • Real Combat Online

    Collection of articles and information discussing the realities of armed and unarmed combat fighting. With tips and techniques on dealing with the life-threatening circumstances.

  • Shaolin Gung Fu Institute

    Reliable information on Shaolin kung fu, philosophy, history, styles, and training techniques.

  • Shaolin Kung Fu

    In-depth information on Shaolin kung fu – its history, the training schools, events, and other related aspects.

  • Shen Wu Martial Arts

    Trains in the arts of ba gua zhang, hsing-i chuan and tai chi chuan.

  • Wu Tan Martial Arts Center

    Contains history, class schedule and links to other branches of the center initially established to be a training, research and development hub for all Chinese martial arts.

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