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Kung Fu Martial Arts

Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy

Features a traditional Shaolin style that gives emphasis on the development of hand and upper body techniques.


Contains material on some kung fu styles, like taiji, bagua, xinyi-xingyi, news and updates.

Daoist Palms System

Provides insights about the high level Kung Fu system.

International Kungfu Electronic Mailing List

Fosters discussions on different traditional Chinese martial arts.

Iron Crane Dojo

Serves as resource page to gain insights about Gun Fu and related martial arts.

Jow Ga Kung Fu Athletic Association

Focuses on teaching the art of Kung Fu as one way to develop skills in self-defense.

North American Tang Shou Tao

Provides information on the institution, the course offerings that include martial and healing arts, news and more.

Northern Shaolin Academy

Offers information on the academy, classes which include a miscellany of kung fu styles, class schedules and links.

Real Combat Online

Collection of articles and information discussing the realities of armed and unarmed combat fighting. With tips and techniques on dealing with the life-threatening circumstances.

Shaolin Kung Fu

In-depth information on Shaolin kung fu – its history, the training schools, events, and other related aspects.

Shen Wu Martial Arts

Trains in the arts of ba gua zhang, hsing-i chuan and tai chi chuan.

Wu Tan Martial Arts Center

Contains history, class schedule and links to other branches of the center initially established to be a training, research and development hub for all Chinese martial arts.

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