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Kenpo Karate Schools and Instruction

  • Academy of Kempo Martial Arts

    Maintains information on philosophy and style and relative news and events; as well as students resources.

  • Acton Kenpo

    Features details on Chinese-based martial art, classes location and contacts.

  • American Academy of Self Defense

    Showcases modern martial arts, martial arts store, and information on class schedules.

  • Budo Ryu Kempo

    Features points on traditional martial arts techniques, Kenpo way of life, and training venues.

  • California Youth Karate Club

    Features listings on martial arts techniques with details on the virtues upheld by the dojo, upcoming and past events.

  • Chamberlain Studios of Self-Defense

    Contains program details, class schedules, and merchandise galleries.

  • Chinese Kenpo Karate

    Maintains unique and versatile martial art details, history, and goals and training.

  • Choice Martial Arts

    Discusses the programs and gives profiles of the instructors of the organization.

  • Combat Kempo

    Features inside information on group meetings and personal training schedules and detail on members.

  • DangeRuss Sam Pai Kenpo

    Offers training programs for various types of martial disciplines including kenpo, gung fu, and Filipino arnis. Discusses the techniques and styles of the combat sports.

  • Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium International

    Presents educational articles and resource links about the combat discipline. Also provides the events and trainings of the organization.

  • The Elusive Dragon Academy Of Martial Arts

    Discusses the experiences and insights of members enrolled within the organization.

  • Five Dragons Martial Arts

    Shows schedules and photo galleries on the programs of the organization. Also shows resource files and links.

  • Garforth Kenpo Karate

    Offers information on american karate and kickboxing tournaments, news and events, as well as general information about the sport.

  • House of Kenpo Karate

    Contains photo galleries and award list of the organization that teaches various martial art disciplines.

  • Kenpo Martial Arts

    Explains the techniques and highlights of the combat discipline. Also shows resources for practitioners of the art.

  • Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei Clubs of Louisville

    Discusses the principles and technical aspects of the discipline. Also shows club highlights and schedule of training sessions.

  • Lee's Karate

    Details the different self-defense classes of the institute including Kenpo karate, concealed gun training, and kickboxing.

  • Lim's Hawaii Kenpo Karate

    Contains training videos, event schedules, and educational materials.

  • Macons Karate

    Posts historical details of the combat discipline, training schedules, and calendar of events.

  • Martial Arts Institute

    Provides training videos, discusses the creed and philosophy; and presents highlights of the discipline.

  • Matthews Martial Arts

    Shows class schedules, photos of training sessions, and promotional offers of the organization.

  • Mitchell System Kenpo Karate

    Explains the principles and combat techniques of the sport. Also shows affiliated organizations of the society.

  • Montoya's Shorin Kempo Karate

    Discusses training programs and promotional events of the organization. Also shows class and activity photos.

  • Texas Kenpo Karate Dojo

    Presents staff profiles, details on the training programs, and event schedules.

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