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Hapkido Martial Arts Organizations

  • American Hapkido Federation

    Contains the dedication of the traditional art of Hapkido with ethical consistent rank standards and respect for hierarchy.

  • European Hapkido Alliance

    Features the Korean martial arts of co-ordination power and information resource about their philosophy, history, techniques, terminology and events.

  • Flying Eagle Bong Hapkido Association of Singapore

    Association's homepage presents information on history and dojangs, a photo gallery, chat room, contact details, and related links.

  • Hapkido International Association

    Comprises the teachings of the true martial arts way with mutual respect and self discipline.

  • Hoshinkido Hapkido Belgium

    Belgian chapter of the Korean martial art system developed by Grandmaster Serge P. Baubil. Site presents pictures, videos, and belt color and degree information.

  • Hoshinkido Hapkido International Federation

    Contains the Hoshinkido Hapkido is a new Korean martial art system that has been recognized by the Korean Kido-Hapkido Association, the teachings of Hoshinkido Hapkido is based on the original and traditional, complemented by the traditional self defense techniques.

  • International Combat Hapkido Federation

    Overview of the federation with cover stories, testimonials, biographies, video clips, and information on services and trainings.

  • International Hapkido Alliance

    Aims to propagate and standardize the practice of Hapkido throughout the world. Develops, guides, and provides fellowship for individuals interested in learning and practicing the martial art.

  • International Hapkido Federation

    Comprises Korean martial arts which have a huge following as a practical and extremely method of self-defense.

  • International Modern Hapkido Federation

    Contains the core standard techniques that is found recognized traditional Hapkido system, that is unique skills and special techniques deal with updating and adaptations to deal with new violent situation.

  • Korean Hapkido Institute

    Comprises the all ranges of methods and techniques including powerful and precise kicking techniques, a fluid and highly effective throwing techniques, decisive and sharp hand techniques, and practical nerve attacks and many more.

  • Midwest Hapkido

    Contains the martial arts and self-defense skill specifically undertake serving the students, despite the rigor of self defense training, weapons seminars and self promotion is incumbent on martial arts leader in which the students needs can be addressed.

  • National Korean Martial Arts Association

    Comprises the non-profit association dedicated to provide politically free assistance to support Korean style martial artist in ranks and discipline.

  • World Hapkido Association

    Provides information on Hapkido history along with newsletters, online courses and bookstore, video clips, and a forum board.

  • World Kido Federation

    Provides the federation of most respected and renowned Korean Martial Arts organization in the world, led by the acclaimed martial artists.

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