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Filipino Martial Arts Schools and Instruction

Arnis Balite

Comprises the Filipino art of hand, foot and stick fighting and features the character, sincerity, discipline, self control, etiquette and students loyalty.

Datu Kelly S. Worden

Features the resource and information of the Natural Spirit International, also include their classes, seminars, articles, products and contacts.

Doce Pares Eskrima Europe

Explains the history of the Filipino art. Also shows the combat strategies of the discipline.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Reports on the variations of the art that is based primarily on the unarmed combat styles.

Escrima Concept

Features a very dynamic and logical system that keeps developing and progressing into the future developing a technical competence.

Filipino Martial Arts Academy

Contains the Filipino traditional martial arts considered a complete and most comprehensive styles and technique, covers all forms of open hands and all rage of weapon fighting.

Impact Academy

Presents multimedia resources relevant to the martial arts originally developed in the Philippines.

Kuntaw Kali Kruzada

Features the unity of all Filipino marital arts that educates the public into combative arts, promoting self awareness, cultural and diffuse aggression between Arnis style.

Pima Academy

Contains the exciting and discipline Doce Pares Academy that features the self-defense, discipline, increasing the physical fitness and confidence level.

Rapid Arnis International

Sells sport accessories and training videos relevant to the combat discipline.

Rapido Realismo Martial Arts

Contains style details and combat techniques integrated for the art based on the Eskrima discipline.

Sayoc Kali

Shows seminar and class schedules of the organization. With list of equipment used for the combat discipline.

Visayan Martial Arts

Explains the various names of the Filipino martial arts. Also shows videos and resources on the disciplines.

Wing Tzun Kung Fu and Latosa Escrima

Contains the Filipino martial art of Escrima that creates energy and power while providing a proven practical method of self defense.

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