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Filipino Martial Arts Schools and Instruction

  • Arnis Balite

    Comprises the Filipino art of hand, foot and stick fighting and features the character, sincerity, discipline, self control, etiquette and students loyalty.

  • Datu Kelly S. Worden

    Features the resource and information of the Natural Spirit International, also include their classes, seminars, articles, products and contacts.

  • Defense Institiute

    Offers for the best possible training available in adult street self defense, competitive or fitness kickboxing, and childlrens martial arts.

  • Doce Pares Eskrima Europe

    Explains the history of the Filipino art. Also shows the combat strategies of the discipline.

  • Dog Brothers Martial Arts

    Reports on the variations of the art that is based primarily on the unarmed combat styles.

  • Escrima Concept

    Features a very dynamic and logical system that keeps developing and progressing into the future developing a technical competence.

  • Filipino Martial Arts Academy

    Contains the Filipino traditional martial arts considered a complete and most comprehensive styles and technique, covers all forms of open hands and all rage of weapon fighting.

  • Impact Academy

    Presents multimedia resources relevant to the martial arts originally developed in the Philippines.

  • Kuntaw Kali Kruzada

    Features the unity of all Filipino marital arts that educates the public into combative arts, promoting self awareness, cultural and diffuse aggression between Arnis style.

  • Pima Academy

    Contains the exciting and discipline Doce Pares Academy that features the self-defense, discipline, increasing the physical fitness and confidence level.

  • Rapid Arnis International

    Sells sport accessories and training videos relevant to the combat discipline.

  • Rapido Realismo Martial Arts

    Contains style details and combat techniques integrated for the art based on the Eskrima discipline.

  • Sayoc Kali

    Shows seminar and class schedules of the organization. With list of equipment used for the combat discipline.

  • Visayan Martial Arts

    Explains the various names of the Filipino martial arts. Also shows videos and resources on the disciplines.

  • Wing Tzun Kung Fu and Latosa Escrima

    Contains the Filipino martial art of Escrima that creates energy and power while providing a proven practical method of self defense.

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