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Capoeira Schools and Instruction

Abada Capoeira

Contains the preservation and development and share the art of capoeira with integrity, and used the capoeira to enrich disadvantage communities and lives of the people from all backgrounds.

Abada-Capoeira New York

Discusses the classes and training events hosted by the organization. Also shows member resources.

The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of NJ

Dedicated to preserving the Brazilian culture and spirit through classes on capoeira, maculele and samba.

Axe Seattle

Contains the Seattle branch of the world recognize Grupo Axe Capoeira under the supervision of Mestre Marcos Barrao, the school offers classes in capoeira a brazilian art which emphasizes strength, balance, coordination, and self confidence.

Bantus Capoeira Australia

Shows facts on the Brazilian martial discipline, presents resources for students of the combat sport, and contains class schedules of the organization.

Batuque Capoeira Group

Features the capoeira community and resource information that relates to their history, events, news, photos and articles.

Cambridge Capoeira - Group Senzala Anglia UK

Explains the combat sport that combine elements of dance, play, and fighting rituals.

Capoeira Angola

Discusses the movements of the combat sport. Also shows music relevant to the discipline.

Capoeira Angola Center

Contains the ancient martial art of African origin, a cultural weapons used to break the chains of enslavements in Brazil.

Capoeira Angola Palmares

Establishes a school from London of Capoeira Angola, the school comprises of wide network of dedicated students at all levels of their ability.

Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho

Contains the information about student projects by helping them give their honest efforts, for we are not trying to be the best but to participate is more important than being the best, putting individuals into honest self expression and participation that creates beautiful sparks.

Capoeira London

Shows galleries of training sessions, class schedules, and links to resources.

Capoeira Uniao

Provides class timetables, price guides, and training details.

Capoeira USA

Posts class details, music sheets, and resources on the discipline.

Capoeira Volta Ao Mundo

Posts archives of songs used by the ritualized fighting style. Also shows videos of training sessions held by the organization.

Carioca Capoeira

Details the philosophy and timeline of the sport and martial art concept.

Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines

Posts training schedules, music sheets, and photo galleries of the organization.

Gingarte Capoeira

Explores the history and techniques of the combat discipline that incorporates martial arts techniques and dance moves.

Grupo Axe Capoeira

Contains the Capoeira information about their classes, gallery, events, performances, mestre and their newly online stores.

Grupo Cafu Capoeira Association

Details the philosophy and history of the art that incorporates dance and martial arts movements.

Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira

Shows schedule of performances and training sessions of the group. Also compiles photo galleries of the events.

International Capoeira Angola Foundation

Shows a list of groups and organizations that promote the sport discipline.

International Capoeira Angola Foundation

Posts class information, training photos, and resource links.

Lancaster Group Senzala Capoeira

Shows class details, instructor profiles, and links to resources.

Miami Capoeira

Contains the information about the Afro-Brazilian art that blends elements or ritualistic fighting, music, cunning attacks and defenses, dance, floor movements and stunning acrobatics presentation.

Quilombo Center

Features the organization that promotes and highlights the sport through events and competitions.

Volta Ao Mundo Tampa

Explains the songs and dancing methods used by the Brazilian self-defense art.

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