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Category for footbag, which is also called hacky sack, or hacky-sack. Includes teams, history of the game, and tournaments.
  • Footbag Worldwide

    Provides an overview of the sport, FAQ, club listings, events, official rules, photos and videos.

  • Freestyle Footbag

    Discusses techniques in which a person develops their own style of kicking to incorporate into their game.

  • Hacky Sack Tricks

    Gives a basic overview of what footbag tricks are all about and what the terminology means. Includes a list of tricks for freestyle of over 500 footbag tricks.

  • Hacky Sackin Circle

    Presents footbag rules with basic and advanced tricks of the game.

  • IFC Official Rules of Footbag Sports

    The International Footbag Players' Association offers an official set of rules for playing this game.

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